CNE and Cross Match Brings Transparency to Voting

Cross Match Technologies, a provider of biometric identity solutions, was selected by Bolivia's national electoral commission to help modernize its voter registration process.

Corte Nacional Electoral (CNE) recently selected Cross Match to provide more than 2,400 L SCAN Guardian systems to help it implement a biometric-based voter registration program.

The Guardian 10-print capture scanners are being incorporated into portable, mobile voter registration and enrolment stations throughout Bolivia to help register more than four million voters, facilitating a transparent and secure voting system. Enrolment consists of collecting a digital photograph, obtaining demographic information such as name, age and address, and capturing the fingerprints of all registered voters. The record is then stored in a central database to be used for comparison when the individual presents himself or herself to vote.

In preparation for Bolivia's national elections in December, voter registration and biometric enrolment are being completed by several thousand trained personnel who hand carry portable enrolment kits throughout the nation.

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