L-1 Identity Solutions Receives $62.8 Million Contract for California Driver's Licenses

L-1 Identity Solutions, a provider of identity solutions and services, was awarded a five-year US$62.8 million contract by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to continue providing secure driver's license solutions. Two two-year extensions are options for the State and if exercised would add $45.8 million to the contract's value. The contract includes new workflow processes and technologies to improve the integrity of the issuance process and security of the card.

California will add new workflow processes and technologies from L-1 to prevent fraud and ensure the level of integrity throughout the issuance process. This includes using customer fingerprint verifications to prevent customer substitution during the application process to ensure that the person who initiated the application is the same individual that completes each step of the process. The State is also integrating operator fingerprint logon and application branding to identify the DMV operator responsible for processing each applicant at the camera station. In addition, state-of-the-art security enhancements will be made to the card to make it as tamper-proof as possible.

The Secure Credentialing Division of L-1 offers complete systems integration and solutions for the entire secure credential lifecycle, from testing through issuance and inspection. More than 2 billion secure credentials have been produced to date using L-1 solutions. This includes secure driver's licenses produced in the majority of U.S. States and worldwide. More than 20 countries also rely on L-1 solutions as part of citizen credentialing programs including voter registration, passports, national ID and others. L-1 is the source provider of US passport personalization capabilities and produces the US passport card and border crossing card.
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