Zetes Launches Biometric Passports for Cote d'Ivoire

Zetes, an international supplier of solutions for the automated identification of goods and people, in partnership with The National Company for the Issue of Administrative and Identity Documents (SNEDAI), launched its projects with the Ivorian authorities: the biometric visa and the biometric diplomatic and service passports. The contracts for these projects were signed at the beginning of this year.

The Ivorian biometric visa and the issuing system that lies behind it are a unique achievement. The provided solution is an online registration and production system. The biographic and biometric, fingerprints and picture, information are captured locally at the embassy or consular office. They are then secured by encryption and sent to Abidjan to check with Automated Fingerprint Identification System if the petitioner is allowed to get a visa for Cote d Ivoire. If so, the post which has sent the petition is entitled to print and deliver the document. At the Ivorian border, the fingerprints of the holder of the visa will be checked with those registered on the document.

The first location to be installed is the Ivorian embassy in Paris. In the coming months, Zetes will be handling the installation of some 20 enrollment stations in eight countries, as well as a validation station at Abidjan airport. The remaining posts will be installed by SNEDAI, whose agents are being trained and supported by Zetes.

The diplomatic and service passports project is based on the solution used for the successful realization of the ordinary biometric passport project. The enrollment operations are taking place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the personalization of the documents occurs at the center put in place by Zetes and SNEDAI in Abidjan.


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