Paxton Access Releases Networked Entry System

Paxton Access, a designer and manufacturer of access control solutions introduce Easyprox nano. Easyprox nano is a Net2 networked entry system in a door handle.

The unit has all the capabilities of Net2, Paxton Access groundbreaking networked access control system, without any need for any wiring. Easyprox nano is battery powered so no mains wiring is required. It uses low power, secure wireless technology to communicate to the Net2 PC via a Net2Air bridge.

Easyprox nano can be installed in places that were just not possible before and it cuts labor time dramatically. Easyprox nanos can be added to existing Net2 systems with the utmost ease. Easyprox nano now makes it possible to expand a two door system to a 10 door system in a flash and for a fraction of the cost.

Ever adept at creating smart solutions to make installation easy, Paxton Access have even designed the Net2Air site surveyor kit; the essential tool for faultless Easyprox nano installation. The site surveyor checks signal strength between the Easyprox nano and a Net2Air bridge prior to installation which means installers are guaranteed total accuracy when fitting Easyprox nano.

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