Global Crossing Provides Managed Telecommunications Services to D-Link LatinAmerica

Global Crossing, a global IP solutions provider, announced that it is providing a fully managed Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) to D-Link LatinAmerica, a company in the networking marketplace. The new network will provide high-speed voice, data and videoconferencing in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, and Guatemala.

The new IP VPN will connect all of the company's facilities - regionally and worldwide - to a single corporate network, thereby providing global reach, scalable connectivity, higher security, and a wide range of IP communications services, all with enhanced control and operating efficiency.

In addition, D-Link LatinAmerica will use Global Crossing's Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to its associates in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil in Ecuador.

"From the moment Global Crossing delivered services, a critical change took place. Network performance improved significantly because of the company's expertise," said Carlos Casassus, President of D-Link Pan America. "We are very enthusiastic about this business relationship, and we intend to explore additional services from Global Crossing, both in security and data center."

"We are proud of being chosen by D-Link LatinAmerica to support its growth," said Leonardo Miranda, Sales VP of Global Crossing Chile. "Our managed services allow customers to focus their internal resources on core competencies while servicing day-to-day requirements through technology delivered as a service."
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