Fundación Albéniz Plays with Security Instruments

Fundación Albéniz Plays with Security Instruments

Fundación Albéniz is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of new talents in the field of performance and composition of classical music. The organization is located in a modern seven-story building in the historical and cultural center of Madrid and has recently been equipped with AEOS as its access control system.

The organization's building consists of a number of areas with specific access needs and Fundación Albéniz wanted a system to control the access to the different areas. They were also looking for an on-line reservation system for class rooms in the building and an integrated on-line ticketing service and seating capacity control system for the auditorium.

By choosing Nedap's access control system AEOS, Fundación Albéniz has been able to combine the use of Mifare type cards, ConveXS readers from Nedap and HID readers, biometrics from Sagem and Aperio wireless locks from Assa Abloy. With the combination of all these products, the strict requirements of Fundación Albéniz have been fully met.

On-line Reservation System
An on-line reservation system for class rooms was developed by INSTASOFT, who created a web-based application for students to reserve a class room at any convenient time. Thanks to the import module of AEOS, that can integrate with other applications and that can interact with a person's profile, the INSTASOFT system could be easily integrated. The student's reservation leaves a registration file in the import module of AEOS, allowing access to the student who made the reservation to the specified class room at the specified time.

Integration On-line Ticketing Service and Seating Capacity Control System
The integrated on-line ticketing service and seating capacity control system for the auditorium was developed by connecting the existing ticketing service of with the AEOS database. Visitors to the auditorium get access to the premises through the turnstiles by presenting the barcode on their ticket. All tickets sold for a show are exported to the AEOS database, which then turns the number of sales into the number of visitors.

Wireless Aperio Locks
Another feature in the building of Fundación Albéniz is the use of wireless Aperio locks from Assa Abloy. Six glass doors in the building did not allow for any cabling or antenna installation. Thanks to the cooperation between Assa Abloy and Nedap, these doors can now be controlled with wireless Aperio locks.

Elevator Control
Since some of the areas in the building are restricted access areas, the use of the elevators also had to be restricted. To solve this, ConveXS readers have been installed in the elevators, which activates the control panel if the person in the elevator is authorized to use it.

Access through Mobile Phone
In two nearby buildings, Fundación Albéniz has student residences that also needed to be equipped with access control systems. Because of the monumental architecture of the buildings, readers, antennas or surveillance cameras could not be mounted. Therefore, it was decided to use an access system with mobile phones. A VPN network was created in order to connect the buildings with AEOS. By simply calling a special phone number, the student's mobile phone number is identified by the AEOS database and if the number is authorized the door to the building is opened.

Facts & Figures – Fundación Albéniz
* System Integrator: Telefónica Sistemas Audivisuales
* Installer: Niscayah Espa?a
* 110 Access Points
* Convexs readers from Nedap
* HID readers
* Biometrics: Sagem
* Wireless Locks: Aperio from Assa Abloy

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