SeMarket Biometric Solution Has Been Selected by the Ministry of Defense in Spain

The Spanish Group SeMarket has, through its company Biometric Technologies, been selected by the Ministry of Defense to present at the CWID 2009 its BioFaceAlert solution which permits the identification of persons using facial biometrics.

CWID (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration) is an annual technological demonstration organized by the Spanish government and orientated primarily at evaluating security solutions for the military market. Participation in the CWID event extends to the armed forces of the USA, CCEB countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, NATO member countries, NATO organisms such as SACT, NC3A, SHAPE, EUCOM, NCSA, and PfP countries (Partners for Peace). The participants in the CWID 2009 event have included: The Army, Airforce, Navy, the Spanish Defense Force, Armed Forces Intelligence Centre, CIS Inspector General, Civil Guard and the National Cryptography Centre.

BioFaceAlert is a video surveillance product that can identify, through biometric face recognition, possible suspects that are stored in a data base of many thousands of records. When a suspect, registered in the data base, attempts to gain access to a controlled area, the system detects the suspect and sends an alarm to the appropriate security personnel.

Face biometrics or facial recognition is a technology which distinguishes users by certain unique facial characteristics. A face map is created, which during the recognition phase compares this sample with that registered and stored in the data base.

As mentioned by Guillermo G. Morales, CEO of SeMarket, “For the third consecutive year the biometric products belonging to the SeMarket Group have been selected by the Ministry of Defense for CWID. This recognition clearly demonstrates our own commitment in offering secure solutions for the Defense sector.”
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