U.S. University Selects AtHoc Campus-Wide Integrated Emergency Notification Solution

U.S. University Selects AtHoc Campus-Wide Integrated Emergency Notification Solution

AtHoc, a provider in network-centric emergency notification systems, announced that after a thorough review of available product offerings, Texas A&M University selected AtHoc to provide an integrated mass notification solution. The use of AtHoc IWSAlerts software will enable Texas A&M University to send out emergency alerts to its campus population through multiple devices, including campus computers via pop-up alerts, emergency radio broadcast, cable TV, telephones, mass e-mail and SMS text messages, all from a single Web-based console.

By unifying multiple forms of alerting through a single integrated system, the university achieves simplicity while attaining a high percentage of population reach through redundant systems that alert people campus-wide.

AtHoc IWSAlerts will provide the university with a significant cost saving by using the university's existing on-site communications infrastructure. AtHoc IWSAlerts will leverage Texas A&M's IP network to communicate with desktops and mobile devices, the phone infrastructure, cable TV and campus radio. All of these devices can now be triggered simultaneously.

"Texas A&M University has exhibited uncompromising commitment to protect its students and staff,” said Ly Tran, VP of AtHoc. “The university has demonstrated tremendous vision and technical leadership in building a campus-wide, integrated emergency notification system, and we're excited to be part of the team helping to promote campus safety.”

The university's emergency managers with alerting authority will be able to trigger alerts from any Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and send out information through a wide variety of communications channels. They can select from predefined alerts or create a custom alert and quickly notify students and staff about the emergency. Alerts that reach personal devices (computer desktops, SMS text messages, phone calls) are all tracked in real time for response and accountability reporting. At the same time, alerts also can reach the campus cable TV and radio station.

The AtHoc solution addresses one of the biggest challenges of deploying an emergency notification system, the seamless integration of disparate communications channels. To meet this challenge, the AtHoc IWSAlerts software leverages the AtHoc IP Integration Module, which is based on the OASIS CAP 1.1 industry standard, to maximize interoperability with the campus' existing communications systems.

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