Paxton Net2 Hands-Free Increases Safety, Security and Aids Disabled Access at National Star College

Paxton Net2 Hands-Free Increases Safety, Security and Aids Disabled Access at National Star College

National Star College is a national independent specialist college for young, disabled students in the United Kingdom. The college helps students fulfill their potential through innovative programs of education and independence training.

The improving facilities and considerable funds invested in accommodation allow students with more severe and complex conditions to attend from across the UK. A vibrant social community makes the college much more than a learning provider.

Gerald Noble, Projects Engineer, and Lynette Barrett, Residential Services Manager, decided that improving security for the students should be part of the college development plan. When Net2 from Paxton Access was recommended, the new hands-free capability was an added bonus as some of the students struggled to use conventional locks and keys.

Lynette said, “The Net2 system appeared to be very easy to manage, could expand with our needs and had the added advantage of offering contactless hands-free access.”

Many of the doors in the residencies are now hands-free enabled with automatic door openers, meaning that every individual benefits from the system.

Net2 hands-free is great for buildings that need to comply with the pan-Europe Disability Discrimination Act. Some of the students attach the tokens to their wheelchairs and the proximity readers pick up the signal and unlock the door as they approach.

Lynette said, “It's a busy place and Net2 has helped increase privacy and made students more independent — something they strive for and are proud of.”

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