Wyless and RSI Video Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

Wyless, the Global Network Enabler (GNE), and RSI Video Technologies, manufacturer of the world's first wireless video alarm system, announced a strategic relationship. Wyless will provide wireless data services, with fixed IP connectivity and an integrated billing platform with real time network management capabilities, for RSI Video Technologies' Videofied product. The Wyless capabilities will be integrated into the product and then Videofied will be supplied as “pre-enabled and network ready” to RSI's dealers across North America and Europe.

RSI Video Technologies' Videofied product is a revolutionary video intrusion alarm that is used in commercial and industrial applications worldwide. A Videofied system for residential applications will be rolled out in the United States later this year. The Videofied product line is a fully wireless battery operated security system with motion detection and video capture that delivers video alarms over the Wyless network into Central Monitoring Stations, enabling both video capture and police response.

Video verification is one of the fastest growing segments in the security industry today, and RSI believes that the future of security is firmly set to become fully wireless to the central station in the future. As a result, RSI is developing partnerships to provide high quality, resilient network capabilities for its products, in order to become the best and lowest cost equipment provider. RSI is dedicated to giving its dealers and resellers a cost effective solution with its products, and chose to work with Wyless as a result of its competitive managed services offerings, including the Internet-based management platform for visibility and control of the network and Videofied product.

Rami Avidan, CEO of Wyless, said, “Our partnership with RSI Video Technologies is an excellent example of working with a partner to enable them to provide a “plug-and-play” product to their dealers that can be quickly and easily deployed. Additionally, Wyless are providing capabilities for their dealers to be able to offer a variety of value-added services, giving them improved ROI and the opportunity to create additional revenue streams for themselves.”

Keith Jentoft, President of RSI Video Technologies, said, “We have the best video security equipment platform, but needed cost effective network partners to maximize this capability. Wyless gives tremendous value as well as providing an online portal for device and service management and providing great customer support, making new sales easier. So far, a substantial number of our dealers are choosing the Wyless package, and we look forward to continuing and strengthening this relationship in the future.”

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