SensorWave's ‘Eyes On Campus' Provide Safe Environment For San Ysidro Students

SensorWave Technology, entered into a conditional five-year partnership with The San Ysidro School Board and Sunset Elementary School in San Ysidro, California. The mission of the partnership is to reduce the incidence and gravity of crimes occurring at the Sunset Elementary School where kids learn and play.

Sunset Elementary has become a haven for weekend and after school hours disruptive and disturbing behaviors, including consumption of alcohol, drugs and prostitution. Monday mornings areas of the school yard are littered with bottles, drug paraphernalia, used condoms, defaced buildings with gang inspired graffiti as well as evidence of other such troubling activities when school begins. None fostering a safe, secure or positive learning environment for the community's youth.

Kendell Lang, CEO of SensorWave heard of the San Ysidro School District's needs and decided to do something to help. SensorWave has provided free security assessment, program coordination and is actively looking for sponsorships to fund the cost of installation and operation. There are multiple sponsorship opportunities and levels available. The San Ysidro School District and SensorWave are offering rights to signage claiming sponsorship for the security throughout Sunset Elementary. Sponsors will benefit from the daily exposure to a constituency of parents, teachers community residents and students at Sunset Elementary School, as well as through periodic publications and websites.

"The goal is to change bad behavior. The costs associated with bad behavior has significant ramifications to the students, teachers, the administration, facilities manager and the community as a whole,” said Kendell.

SensorWave's Virtual Patrol service has been developed specifically to answer the needs of schools by incorporating the most current technology with human analysis and response. Virtual Patrol, is a unique operating platform that integrates surveillance and access systems, leverages existing resources, utilizes the latest advances in behavior analysis, and relies on human expertise for threat assessment and resolution to provide campuses with the most complete and comprehensive security service today. Parents, students, faculty and staff can now be assured of the highest confidence in proactive security measures for campus safety.

"Right from the start I believed in our ability to change lives by making communities safer through proactive deterrent security,” said SensorWave Founder Mo Bjornestad. “Our proven ability to work hand-in-hand with property managers and owners, police and security services made that dream a reality.”

Virtual Patrol provides real-time viewing of alerts via a simple internet connection to security guards, public safety and administration both on and off-site. Proactively monitor campus and utilize the tools that will allow you to ensure safety, deter potential problems, and perform campus management functions more effectively.

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