HSB Identification Awarded by Frost & Sullivan for Product Excellence in Biometrics Market

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award is presented to HSB Identification. The award recognizes the company's contribution to the industry through the successful deployment of BioRegistrator, the biometric identity management platform.

BioRegistrator combines functions to qualify, enroll and identify people with biometric profiles. This flexible and secure solution supports multimodal technologies like fingerprint, face, iris, vein or other biometric technologies with optional ID-documents and smart cards. It can integrate with third party products like hardware scanners or algorithms. Proven interfaces with AFIS and legacy systems are available. The Web-based product complies with international standards like NIST, ICAO and ISO.

"HSB has a passion for science, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to develop and advance products with more innovative capabilities than competing vendors and products. The company has successfully adopted new BioRegistrator software that has become a part of its well-designed product family,” conclude Frost & Sullivan in their award announcement. “Such an innovation has significantly contributed to the industry in terms of product performance and degree/rate of technical change. The expertise and ability to develop a valuable, vastly accepted technology for the industry makes HSB identification the worthy recipient of this award.”

"We are very proud to receive this Award, which acknowledge our leading position in building innovative biometric solutions with the BioRegistrator platform.” said Marcel Boogaard, GM of HSB Identification. “With our solid track record global customers can highly benefit from our experience in cost-effective, fast and secure deployment of new identification technologies.”

HSB Identification is the recipient, because the vast experience, high product quality, and world-class service support have enabled large companies, governments, institutions, and respected international organizations to trust HSB Identification for the biometric implementation in a variety of markets like asylum seekers, prison services, border control, stadium control, immigration and healthcare.

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