Austrian Campus Secured with LEGIC Access Control

Keyless and yet extremely secure ─ such is the image of the access control for the new training and knowledge centre at the Scientific Research Institute (WIFI) at the Chamber of Commerce in Dornbirn. Central control, several tenants in a single building, a high volume of visitors, the widest possible range of authorization models and connection to a modern personnel time management recording system all make additional demands on the required system. GANTNER met all these conditions and its new product line ensures the greatest degree of security and ease of use on the WIFI campus. The attractive design of the devices fits harmoniously with the modern architecture of the show building. To ensure nothing is left to chance, the 'Building Overview“ module guarantees full monitoring of the building's exterior. If doors are left open for too long outside opening hours, an alarm is triggered, and the system is also connected to the fire alarm system. New lock technology has also enabled sensitive evacuation and fire protection doors to be integrated within the access control system; these doors were previously often left open which of course represented a security risk.

Throughout the project, GANTNER proved itself to be more of a partner than simply an equipment supplier. Project manager Thomas Mayer led the teams from planning through to implementation and coordinated the individual trades from door manufacturers to electricians and construction workers and integration of the WINIK TIP Informatik Partner time management system, ensuring the new WIFI campus was ready on time to present itself as a secure location for knowledge and learning.

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