Motorola Biometric Identification Secures Dutch Police

Motorola Inc., announced it has been awarded a four-year contract by the Dutch national police agency, the Korps Landelijke Politie Diensten (KLPD), to provide its Motorola Printrak Biometric Identification Solution (Printrak BIS) to support all types of identification activities for the whole organisation of the Dutch Police.

The solution supports the use of rolled or plain fingerprints, as well as palm prints and latent identification services and biometric quality management processes.

The Dutch police set a new standard for biometric technology during the selection process and the Motorola solution has been designed to meet all the objectives. Specifically, the KLPD wanted to stay at the forefront of identification technologies and recognized that in order to meet the demand for rapid paperless responses, "real-time" identification, and biometric data exchanges with multiple European and international biometric systems, a new biometric solution was required. Following an extensive competitive process, which included accuracy testing and a cost of ownership comparison, Motorola's solution was selected as the best offer.

Major features of the Motorola solution include the fastest and most accurate biometric matchers to support automatic, fast identification and verification processes, as well as a reduction in the amount of manual work required.

Motorola's biometric solution for KLPD incorporates a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) matcher, which is both fast and accurate. This will enable the KLPD to deploy a system which is scalable, upgradeable, robust, and easily maintained. The advanced solution fits into the existing IT infrastructure already deployed by the Dutch Police forces, though offers the flexibility to be easily extended to add functionality and services as they become needed at a later date.

Motorola has been developing biometrics solutions over 35 years and offers unrivaled product releases over the span of eight generations. Motorola has a comprehensive range of products which support biometric identification and verification; enrolment and verification solutions, latent software and mobile solutions to satisfy both civil and criminal requirements.
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