Arecont Vision Awarded "2008 European Product Line Strategy of the Year Award"

According to Frost & Sullivan, Arecont Vision, a supplier in megapixel IP camera technology, has increased the capabilities of real-time digital video surveillance for governmental and commercial organizations worldwide and has introduced a viable alternative to analog-based systems. The market analyst firm has named Arecont Vision as recipient of its "2008 European Megapixel Camera Product Line Strategy of the Year Award." The Frost & Sullivan award also recognized Arecont Vision's emergence as a significant participant in the European megapixel camera market based on its ability to provide customers high-quality solutions at optimum prices.

Frost & Sullivan presents the "Product Line Strategy of the Year Award" each year to the company that has demonstrated the most insight into the needs and product demands of its customers and that has optimized its line of products to offer various price, performance and feature points as required by one or more market segments.

In presenting the award, Frost & Sullivan also listed several other important factors in the success of Arecont Vision:

* Arecont Vision offers cameras ranging in image resolution from 1.3 to 8 megapixels, including offerings with advanced capabilities such as dual-sensor day/night and quad-sensor panoramic viewing, in addition to high-definition Internet protocol video surveillance systems and associated software. The portfolio serves market demand for high-definition image capture to enable advanced video applications such as automatic license plate capture and forensic analysis, and provides the market's best cost-to-performance ratio.

* Arecont Vision is the first megapixel camera provider to offer a full line of cameras compliant with the H.264 video compression, a technology that provides a ten-fold average increase in storage and bandwidth efficiency compared to previous generations of JPEG megapixel cameras.

* Arecont Vision has forged important technology/software partner relationships with 54 industry leaders all over the world including Bosch, GE, Nice Systems, Verint, Milestone, Genetec and Honeywell Enterprise.

* Arecont Vision has established a strong presence in Europe through its dedicated representative Vidicore, located in Western Europe, and through distributors (such as Norbain in Europe), system integrators and solution providers, and by catering to vertical end-user markets such as banking, retail, education, government, manufacturing, transportation and entertainment.

To select an award recipient, the Frost & Sullivan analyst team tracks end-user requirements and market dynamics within the industry. The process includes interviews with suppliers, end-users and industry experts. The product lines are compared with customer base demands, and the top-ranking provider is then presented the award.

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