Central Management Systems Provide Remote Surveillance

Central Management Systems Provide Remote Surveillance

The IP action spreads in CMS (Central Monitoring System) among companies, while demands of remote viewing/ controlling DVRs and cameras function become essential in this network-popular generation. CMS, with which client manages several DVRs with one monitor, makes remote monitoring in projects such as malls, airports or residence convenient. System integrator sees the niche of the sustainability and stability that customers demands, and therefore makes CMS more powerful in managing DVRs with more channels and better picture resolution.

Competition of CMS refers to the competition of DVR system. For system suppliers, CMS is the best way to build a package and put all of their products- from cameras to DVRs- into it, which is more interests-oriented and a better marketing strategy in a market share competition. With CMS, customer who chooses one company may need managing software for several DVRs and more cameras which are set in the same area- such as one or more buildings in Science Park; or buildings in different cities in Taiwan. It can even be used for overseas branches after handling overseas telecompany and calculating the bandwidth. With different SDK or API, and also with commercial interests, companies develop exclusive manage system for their own DVR systems. But for system integrators, there is still big market to integrate different facilities.

As it becomes more and more stable and excellent, to manage access alarm, electric alarm, even power alarm…integrating the whole electricity system of one building is already the next trend of CMS road map. No matter to supplier or integrator, essential functions of CMS are to be developing: excellent calculating performance and good storage. It means to transmit the image real-time, also, to manage event alerts or alarms of various cameras simultaneously and accurately. CMS supplier will calculate the bandwidth for end-user to provide the best performance of CMS; meanwhile also develop better and powerful platform which handles CCTV facilities well. Regarding the storage, there must be a better compression technique or stable storage for multiple events alert.

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