B&B ARMR Corporation Ships Security Bollards to Biomedical Research Facility

B&B ARMR Corporation, a subsidiary of Integrated Security Systems, Inc., announced that they have shipped a significant order of B-30 high security hydraulic bollards to a biomedical & research facility in the Midwest. The project, which consists of (24) B-30 bollards, was valued at just under USD$200,000. This project represents a continuation of an on-going security upgrade for this facility. As concerns over bioterrorism grow, many biomedical facilities have been making significant security upgrades to prevent unauthorized access. Perimeter defense measures, like the B-30 high security bollard system, represent a positive step toward significantly reducing the potential for unauthorized vehicular access.

With a U.S. Department of State certification of K8, the Model B-30s are constructed of high strength steel, have been crash tested and can immobilize a 15,000 lb vehicle traveling at speeds up to 40 mph. This allows the biomedical and research facility - or any other high risk facility - the ability to prevent unauthorized entry into restricted areas as well as being an effective deterrent to vehicular terrorism. Different versions of the B-30 high security bollard exist to suit the specific requirements of any location including: fully automatic, semi-automatic and fixed. The B-30s are just one of B&B ARMR's products that are ideal for providing perimeter security and traffic control for any low-, medium- or high- risk facility.

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