Intelligent Crime Prevention Available for Universities

Criminals can be caught without disturbing the huge traffic of universities by the use of intelligent IP monitoring systems. The building of Corvinus University, Budapest is now watched by two mobile cameras, as well as 36 mounted megapixel cameras. The cameras automatically alert the guards in case of a security event. The new IP-based megapixel video solution allows for easy replaying and trackbacking of any event, even from other locations.

Thirty-six mounted and two WIFI-enabled megapixel mobile IP cameras have been monitoring the values and belongings of both the faculty and the students at Corvinus University since September, 2008. The cameras protect against theft and burglaries on the university grounds, as well as reduce damages incurred during renovation works and various venues hosted at the university.

"We needed a system which is able to monitor the corridors while allowing for simple documentation and trackback of events," said Gábor Czinderi, Technical Director at Corvinus University. Cameras enable guards to intervene promptly and catch criminals during the act. Intelligent detectors on board the camera notify security guards of any undesired event taking place within area under the surveillance. While these intelligent functions are still in test run at the university, the building is already under non-stop surveillance. 

"The university has ruled out security solutions that would cause a disruption in the traffic of staff and students in the building. Such solutions would only cause a lot of inconvenience to everyone, while criminals might still escape being caught." Says Tibor Reck, CEO of the installer Reklár Bt. Corvinus University is an institution open to anyone. Daily visitors include the almost 18 thousand regular students, customers of the basement restaurant, in addition to the visitors of occasional conferences and lectures. Every morning an average of 4000 people move about in the building, which would be difficult to monitor continuously without an intelligent security camera system. 

"We needed to find a solution which does not obstruct traffic, and can satisfy the particular restrictions arising with the protected status of this old building. Due to its status as a national monument, it is near impossible to implement new cabling inside the building. Intellio's system, by virtue of its IP-based communication, is able to run on the existing internet network. As an additional benefit of IP, the two WIFI-enabled mobile cameras can monitor areas not equipped with mounted cameras. These portable cameras can be best utilized during occasional venues and renovation works."

The first and still operational anti-theft system was installed by Reklár Bt. in 2004. This cable solution (not a video surveillance solution) has reduced grand internal thefts, yet was unable to eliminate small thefts committed by thieves mingled with the university crowd. The IP-based system, which has been up and running since September, allows filtering out suspicious guests right upon entrance. The high resolution of cameras yields quality images suitable for zooming in on faces of those who enter the building.

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