BIO-key Announces Next Generation WEB-key Identification Solution

BIO-key International Inc., a supplier in wireless public safety solutions and finger based biometric identification announced the release of WEB-key version 3.1. In addition to expanding on its ability to support every major fingerprint reader manufacturer, a key feature of this release is the ability for this advanced biometric authentication solution to be integrated in virtually any application.

BIO-key introduced the WEB-key fingerprint biometric identification solution in 2001, as a web based authentication system. Over the past 7 years through collaboration with BIO-key diverse customer and partner base, it has evolved into the broadest, most comprehensive identification solution in the industry that is deployed in applications ranging from large scale national ID systems to simple time and attendance solutions.

EB-key 3.1 enhances our strong patented security framework with many new features including streamlined configuration and operation, as well as advanced new biometric processing functions for broader back-end server utilization stated Mira LaCous, VP Technology and Development at BIO-key International. 
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