Time to Buy American Company and Technology?

Can you imagine some US key technologies and solutions may soon become affordable to the majority of security buyers and users? Now, it might be the deal time to target sourcing American companies, technologies and even products. Share with us what you think here in ASMAG.COM!
A few weeks ago, I read one research paper from IMS research predicting the recent growth for network video products on the American market has slowed down as a consequence of the receding American economy. Undoubtedly, the falling American economy will strongly relate to how the high tech being applied to the US market.

For some foreign companies targeting the US market, the report does reflect their struggling situations. Some companies start to look for the way out. Take China, as one of the top five biggest trade partners of the Unities States, for example. Under the impact of US dollar conversion, Chinese manufacturers are beginning to quote their export prices in non-US dollar currencies. They may offer export quotes within short-term validity. Otherwise, they just temporarily shift back to focus on their domestic market or other markets according to the latest report of Research and Markets.

For the non-US buyers, the US present economy, however, may pose an unprecedented opportunity. From some latest figures in 2007 released by the U.S. Department of States, it is interesting to find out that more European and Canadian and other foreign buyers drawn to the United States by the falling U.S. dollar. Buyers coming from the globe to buy US companies. The US recent acquisition by the foreign investors has reached the peak according to the latest news reports. At the mean time, the falling housing price also draws the interests of big European enterprises and Middle East buyers to buy American patented technology and also commercial buildings.

It can be expected that a series of foreign acquisitions may happen in the US security market as well. For worldwide buyers, maybe now is the ideal time to buy some key solutions and technologies from US. Perhaps, we can take a wild guess that some pricy technologies, such as true intelligent video analytics technology or biometrics may start to become easier to acquire. For all the worldwide security users, the depressing US economy is more likely to turn to many opportunities.

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