U.K. Grammar School Keeps to High Standards

U.K. Grammar School Keeps to High Standards
British grammar schools are secondary schools known for their selectiveness. Historic Latmyer School demonstrates its selectiveness in other areas too.

Established in 1624, Latmyer, whose students follow the U.K. secondary 11 to 18 age group educational system, aims to provide a broad and stimulating educational experience. Situated in London's Hammersmith, the prestigious school features many listed buildings and includes a Great Hall as well as state-of-the-art technology, science and specialist ICT rooms.

The school required a high security solution to control access to the school site and building. Having installed a fiber optic network, the school required a complete IP access control solution to complement existing infrastructure. To meet this requirement, Tom Fisher, the school's Facilities Manager, opted to install the CEM AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) security management system. A complete IP solution was provided, including the innovative CEM DIU 220 (Power over Ethernet Door Interface Units), CEM IP intelligent MiFare card readers and smart cards. The system was installed by ADT.

Advanced IP Card Readers

CEM EtherProx readers are the industry's smallest intelligent Ethernet card readers. With a keypad for optional PIN security, an LCD display to display reader outcome messages, and an internal database for offline card validation, the readers offer intelligent decision-making at the door, even in the unforeseen event of communication being lost to the AC2000 host server. The IP readers used by Latymer feature MiFare smart card technology and continue to operate at all times.

The system eliminates the expense of bringing mains power to the door and allowed Latymer's IT department to simply allocate an IP address for the Ethernet card readers. With the DIU 220 allowing the use of the schools existing fiber optic network, this eradicated the requirement for unsightly cabling that would detract from the look and feel of the school's prestigious listed buildings.

Furthermore, with the DIU 220 installation classed as low-voltage, the school was also spared the expense of an electrical contractor. Two key areas where the school benefits from access control are the Facilities Manager's office and the IT room. With the specialist ICT suite containing over 200 modern PCs, the access control functionality has the benefit of not only protecting staff and students but also vitally protecting the school from the rising threat of theft and vandalism.

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