Video Smoke Detection System

D-Tec's video smoke detection system is based on sophisticated computer analysis of video images seen by CCTV cameras (sensors). Using advanced image-processing technology and extensive detection algorithms, the VSD automatically identifies distinct characteristics of smoke patterns. The fire detection industry has an abundance of known smoke signatures and all of these are built into the system to give an accurate decision as to whether smoke is present.

The VSD system uses standard CCTV equipment linked to a self-contained processing system that is capable of recognizing small amounts of smoke within video images, alerting system operators via both the processor and a variety of remote outputs. The VSD system employs highly complex algorithms to process video information from up to eight cameras simultaneously. Under normal conditions, all eight cameras connected to the system achieve a five-Hz frame rate for each channel. The video hardware is designed to allow simultaneous real time digitizing of all eight images, which means that the system does not multiplex images and, therefore, no information is lost or delayed.

By combining VSD with video overIP, FireVu takes D-Te c's conventional FM-approved Video Somke Detection to another level in terms of its capabilities, and is suited to large, voluminous, areas such as aircraft hangars and building atriums. With FireVu there is the potential to offer 24-hour remote monitoring of incidents, with alarm and associated video images distributed to an unlimited number of locations for review.

 Detects smoke particles before they are visible to the human eye
 Detects all types of smoke so that no fire goes unobserved
 Provides for use with existing CCTV cameras
 Can be retrofitted to an existing CCTV system
 Offers the ultimate in false-alarm rejection
D-Tec, AD Group
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