Affinity CheckPoint(TM) System

OmniPerception Affinity CheckPoint(TM) is a facial biometric identity solution for access control and identity management that does away with all lighting restraints in biometric access control and identity verification. OmniPerception refers to its CheckPoint(TM) as being light immune in that it delivers images in bright sunshine, pitch darkness and everything in between. It is the ultimate product in terms of speed, convenience and cost-effectiveness when it comes to automatic positive identification. It is suitable for all access control and identity management applications.

The OmniPerception Affinity CheckPoint(TM) system includes cameras, identity verification software and all necessary ancillary equipment; it is ready for action, either as part of an existing sys tem or as a s tand-alone ins tal lat ion. I t delivers both one-to-one identity verification and one-to-many ID search as well as watchlist functionality for a complete facial biometric solution.

The CheckPoint(TM) range includes CheckPoint M(TM)--the stand-alone solution for manned access points--and CheckPoint A(TM) for incorporation into fully automatic secure access systems. Both versions of CheckPoint(TM) provide a highly secure, convenient and cost-effective ID check for staff, clients, club members and sub-contractors.

 Indoor and outdoor use
 Use in all weather and lighting conditions from bright sunshine to pitch darkness and everything in between
 Once-off enrolment process (less than two minutes)
 Verification at entry point (less than one second)
 ID (FacialPin) stored on the system or on a card
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