UltraSensor UVSS CMD2 - Concealed Motion Detector

UltraSensor is designed to protect high-value, highly sensitive, critical environments like water treatment plants, utilities, national treasures, embassies, and other government and commercial structures by providing early-warning perimeter alerts before an intruder has an opportunity to enter into a sensitive area. Using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, UltraVision represents an evolution in the motion sensor industry. UltraSensor collects only critical data, promising fewer false alarms. These advances in motion sensor technology deliver the necessary data for security professionals to make fast, appropriate decisions on intruder threats. Furthermore, the rugged UltraSensor is impervious to weather, ambient lighting and other disruptors like falling landscape debris, while remaining invisible to the naked eye, creating a tamper-resistant solution.

The UltraSensor uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to provide intelligent data and accuracy in intrusion and perimeter protection. The UltraSensorˇs characteristics include pinpointing of motion velocity and distance, and intruder mass. The UltraSensor can be installed under walkways and roadbeds, and in building side walls or ceilings, sensing movement through such barriers. It supports low false alarm rate, is IP-compatible, and integrates easily into existing intrusion, access control and building management systems.

 Can ee through walls and roadbeds
 Can determine target motion and distance
 Impervious to any weather conditions
 Tamper-resistant and waterproof
 Two-year warranty (repair or replacement)
 Compatible with PTZ CCTV cameras
 IP-compatible
UltraVision Security Systems

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