EyeMax PTZ Camera

EyeMax can be ordered with one, two, three and four varifocal reference camera configurations. Options include two-millimeter to four-millimeter varifocal, high-resolution color; two-millimeter to four-millimeter varifocal, high- resolut ion black and whi te; and three-millimeter to nine-millimeter varifocal, high-resolution day and night. It offers 480 TV lines (color) or 570 TV lines (black-white) as well as a 48-decibel signal-to-noise ratio. A lens with a focal length that is too short but has to cover a wide area yields video that is too pixilated to zoom in on, makes it difficult to see detail. A digital zoom, after all, does not help if the data does not exist. Merging the capabilities of fixed cameras, unmanned PTZ control, CloseView Elite and EyeMax provides the most efficient surveillance coverage in one easy-to-install unit that is maximized for CloseView.

In addition, the CloseView Elitedesigned by computer vision experts at DynaPelallows attended and unattended operations to capture video of the action in scenes. It monitors wide-angle video, just like an electronic security guard, maintaining scene overviews while zooming in on details. When motion is detected in the field of view, it automatically directs the EyeMax camera to zoom in. In fact, CloseView can identify multiple targets through multiple reference cameras and sequentially move from target to target.

 Maximization for CloseView Elite
 Color and day-night modules
 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
 Quick connection of PTZ modules for fast installation
 One, two, three and four reference camera configurations
 26X optical zoom, 12X digital zoom
 220 presets
 Preset tours (four each of preset, pattern and auto-pan tours)
 Built-in alarm with seven inputs and two outputs
DynaPel Systems

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