New Addition to Panasonics i-pro Series

Berkshire, UK

The new Panasonic WV-NF284 is a compact network colour dome camera with MPEG-4 and JPEG dual streaming. It is the latest addition to the i-pro series line-up and provides Panasonic with a dual streaming, power over ethernet, 3.6 variable-focal lens camera unit.

This camera can transmit VGA (640 x 480) images at up to 30 fps, or use both to combine the seamless video monitoring of MPEG-4 with high resolution JPEG recording. The 1/4 -type progressive scan CCD captures moving subjects with minimal blurring, and multicast (MPEG-4 only) is also supported.

Additional features include the 3.6x variable-focal lens (2.8 - 10mm) that operates in light as low as 1.5 lux (0.15 fc). Also, IEEEE8.02.3af power over ethernet (PoE) supplies power and transmits images over the same LAN cable simplifying installation.

For optimum surveillance, a high sensitivity microphone is built-in to the camera unit as well as a motion detector alarm to activate recording. When the camera is connected to the optional i-pro series network disk recorder, images are backed up onto the optional SD memory card in the event of any network failure. The recorded information will then be transmitted automatically to the recorder when the network is restored, providing peace of mind that recorded data is continuously protected.

Other features the unit has include a built in alarm function for external security devices, activating and informing when any specific motion is detected; automatic electronic zoom function, the camera will zoom and focus on objects automatically; automatic electronic sensitivity enhancement, when the image is unclear or obstructed; and a 3-dimentional hinge (Pan, Tilt and Azimuth) that makes movement adjustments easy.

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