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Dahua MultiVision: A comprehensive and intelligent security surveillance solution

Dahua MultiVision: A comprehensive and intelligent security surveillance solution
With MultiVision, users get a comprehensive video security solution that reduces the complexity of installation, improves efficiency and provides a great user experience.
The Dahua MultiVision series features security cameras with multiple sensors, addressing the need for simultaneous monitoring and recording of various areas or angles. With MultiVision, users get a comprehensive video security solution that reduces the complexity of installation, improves efficiency and provides a great user experience. This article takes a close look at MultiVision, including product categories under the series and specific customer groups the cameras are catered to.

Dahua Multivision series: Addressing security monitoring challenges

The security industry is facing a growing demand for larger-scale security monitoring. However, conventional CCTV often falls short due to limitations like limited field of view (creating blind spots), uni-directional monitoring (restricting view to one direction at a time), and poor linkage between multiple cameras (resulting in scattered, unintegrated data).
These challenges led Dahua to develop the MultiVision series, a line of security surveillance devices equipped with multiple sensors and lenses. “Compared to single-lens products, the MultiVision series can capture more scene information and provide images with higher resolution, enabling broader security monitoring in a given area. Additionally, the MultiVision series supports multiple intelligent applications in the same scene, such as integrating perimeter monitoring of large areas with structured analysis of detailed targets,” said Alison Yang, Product Manager at Dahua Technology.

New additions to Dahua's MultiVision camera series

Dahua Technology has announced new additions to its popular MultiVision camera series, bringing the total number of models to over 100 since 2016. These new cameras address specific security needs with innovative features.

Long-range perimeter protection: The IPC triple-sight long-range perimeter protection camera is designed for this purpose. It features a triple-lens design for accurate target detection at varying distances, with a range of 4 to 104 meters.

Dual-channel linkage tracking: The new SDT4 camera utilizes Dahua’s TiOC (Three-in-One Camera) technology. It provides two video channels: a wide overview and a detailed view for zooming in. Both channels can be used independently or together for smart target tracking.

“Multi-sensor cameras are not uncommon in the market. But TiOC is a unique concept of Dahua in the security surveillance industry. And the Dahua TiOC series is widely popular in the market. Some of the Dahua MultiVision products also incorporate the concept of TiOC. The cameras not only have monitoring functions but also emit red and blue light alarms and sound alarms as soon as a dangerous event occurs,” Yang said.

Three main MultiVision product categories

The Dahua MultiVision series offers a wide range of cameras designed to address different security needs. The cameras fall into three main categories:

Panoramic splicing cameras: Eliminate blind spots

This panoramic camera series uses innovative 180-degree splicing and software integration to overcome limitations in field of view that can create security blind spots. “Take the TiOC DUO model as an example. In terms of hardware, it fixes two lenses at a certain angle, each capturing a 100° field of view. Then, using Dahua’s proprietary pixel-level fusion splicing technology, we match and calculate the overlapping images to create a seamless 180-degree panoramic view,” said Yang. Some products in this range feature EPTZ (Electronic PTZ) functionality to enable zooming in and tracking of up to 5 targets simultaneously.
The multi-sensor splicing panoramic security camera is ideal for large-scale scenarios requiring wide coverage with low distortion splicing images. The TiOC DUO, with its active deterrence and smart dual light, is suitable for monitoring fire exits, villas and warehouses.

Multi-directional cameras: Multi-angle views

The Dahua multi-direction series are suitable for monitoring areas requiring views from multiple directions, such as corridors and staircases. They combine multiple adjustable lenses (from multiple cameras) in a single unit and feature a power built-in chip that enables multi-channel different intelligent functions for comprehensive monitoring.

Additionally, not only does this series support various intelligent functions simultaneously, but it also utilizes the FlexStream technology, which combines multiple video streams into a single channel output, reducing back-end channels and platform licenses. These features make them a viable option for projects requiring wider coverage with minimal blind spots, such as farms, borders and factories.

X-Spans cameras: Smart tracking functionalities

The X-Spans series is designed for security applications requiring both a wide field of view and the ability to zoom in on specific areas. It combines a fixed camera with a PTZ camera through advanced DSPs and auto-calibration technology. This allows for auto calibration of the overview channel and the detailed (PTZ) channel for smart target tracking.

The cameras feature two functionalities: linked tracking and relay tracking. Linked tracking utilizes coordinates from the overview channel to follow targets, maintaining continuous tracking even with partial obstructions and minimal loss of target. Relay tracking leverages the detail channel‘s auto-tracking feature to follow targets that move beyond the overview channel’s view, enabling long-range tracking for application scenarios like city squares, enterprises and parks.

Meeting diverse customer needs

Under each MultiVision category, Dahua offers product recommendations for two types of customers: channel and project. According to Hertz Li, Product Manager at Dahua Technology, this segmentation ensures a variety of options to address the diverse needs of different customer groups. Channel-based products prioritize user-friendliness, reliability, and affordability, making them ideal for small and medium businesses and consumers through distributors and retailers. Project-based products, geared towards larger deployments, provide high performance, advanced features, and scalability for enterprises and institutions. These integrate seamlessly with other security systems for comprehensive solutions.
“Such categorization helps allocate resources appropriately and determine suitable market positioning. By categorizing channel-based products and project-based products, the diverse needs of different customer groups can be better catered to, and the product line can become more competitive,” Li said.

Future developments

Dahua anticipates a surge in MultiVision camera adoption. To meet these future demands, Nan Zheng, Product Manager at Dahua Technology, outlined their 5-point plan for future development and innovation.
Streamline user experience: Future MultiVision products will prioritize user-friendly features, making it easier for users to connect, install, configure, utilize and maintain these devices;
Continuously improve image quality: MultiVision products will continually pursue higher resolutions while incorporating automated image adaption capabilities;
Integrate more intelligence: Future products will possess scene feature guidance capabilities, enabling them to recognize different categories of objects based on varying environmental factors and scenes;
Deliver low-bitrate storage: Users will enjoy enhanced image quality with reduced storage space requirements, resulting in improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness;
Enhance device interconnectivity: Through network connectivity, these security devices will seamlessly collaborate and link with each other, enabling more comprehensive monitoring capabilities in various scenarios.


Multi-sensor cameras capture more scene information with fewer devices. In this regard, The Dahua MultiVision series stand out in terms of performance, functionality and intelligence. Furthermore, different camera models are available for different customer groups to meet their specific needs and requirements. Overall, the Dahua MultiVision series offers a versatile approach to security monitoring, addressing challenges faced by traditional systems and providing a foundation for future advancements in the field.

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