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Smart manufacturing redefined: How Hikvision helps drive productivity and visibility

Smart manufacturing redefined: How Hikvision helps drive productivity and visibility
The Hikvision solution leverages AIoT technology to shift offline data online where it can be monitored and utilized.
When it comes to industrial Internet-of-Things and Industry 4.0 issues, we usually think about the investment in automated equipment as well as the application of software systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). But enterprise leaders do well to note that smart manufacturing is more than that.
We see today’s manufacturers facing three major challenges:
  1. Personnel Management – While people, or labor, remains the essential element of the production process, their output relies on finer management;
  2. Visibility across the process – Automation equipment and software systems need more timely alerts and improved incident handling protocols, as well as forward-looking insights, to guarantee operational stability; and
  3. Lean Management for Boosted Productivity – In environments as complex as manufacturing plants, lean management regarding factors of production such as office park vehicle traffic, dock management, and information sharing, are also important in boosting productivity.
The good news for manufacturers is that Hikvision’s intelligent manufacturing solutions can help with all of these critical management requirements – and more. The Hikvision solution leverages AIoT technology to shift offline data online where it can be monitored and utilized. AI and intuitive visualization technology also allows managers to monitor the site, production, and operational processes, and to respond in real time in the event of an issue – helping to drive efficiency and productivity.

Managing personnel more efficiently

Manufacturing parks have significant personnel management requirements, with large teams arriving on site and accessing specific areas for their work all day long – creating complex logistics, access management, security, and health and safety requirements.
Hikvision’s Quick Access Solution, enabled by Hikvision MinMoe face-recognition terminals, gives employees touch-free access to manufacturing sites, covering the main entrance, the floor, offices, exits, production areas, EPA areas (ESDPA – Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area), and more. The technology provides “non-stop” access to ensure that employees can enter the site quickly, even during peak times – such as morning and evening rush hours or in bad weather.
The solution safeguards plant safety with precise access management. For example, only authorized staff can access specific areas of the site, which helps to boost security. For visitors, the solution provides full-journey online management, which increases convenience. With no blind spots for security, the solution also protects the park against theft and vandalism.
Another benefit of the Quick Access Solution is that it turns physical footprints into digital records for accurate time & attendance management. Based on a manufacturer’s choice of verification and identification methods – from face recognition to fingerprint readers, cards or PIN codes – employees can be identified and attendance reports and work records can be generated automatically. This ensures that the HR department can support employees effectively, optimize time & attendance management, and maximize accuracy for payroll, overtime, and compensation in general.
The Quick Access Solution can also be used to manage in-park facilities – such as employees visiting the cafeteria, for example, as well as facilitating zero-contact payment.

Maximizing visibility for production and operations

Organizations with large-scale production environments often experience information silos, making it difficult to detect and respond to incidents in real time or to make changes that actually increase efficiency. Hikvision’s AR Live Interaction Solution offers a solution to these challenges by providing full visibility of large-scale production processes.
The solution uses Augmented-Reality (AR) cameras and easy-to-use location capabilities to create a live map of a site, giving managers a bird's-eye view. The system, which integrates seamlessly with other industry control systems, presents production information and site images on a four-screen display.
Some of the key features of the AR Live Interaction Solution include remote inspections, alarm handling, automated information collection and analyses, predictive maintenance for equipment, and performance evaluations. The system also detects defects in equipment and human errors to minimize downtime, mitigate safety risks, and provide insights for better decision making.
With the AR Live Solution, manufacturers can also place visualized displays in the workshop, adding an extra layer of visibility for assets and production processes. Visual images can be used to send safety reminders to employees, to facilitate communications between teams, and to improve work supervision and collaboration for improved efficiency.

Optimizing facilities and traffic management

For all manufacturing parks, the ability to manage the flow of vehicles efficiently and safely is of paramount importance. This requires real-time visibility of driving and parking on site, as well as monitoring of loading and unloading, scheduling and dispatching, and security across all areas of the site.
Hikvision’s Park Traffic Management Solution standardizes on-site vehicle flow to help park managers embrace innovation and increase productivity. The solution is powered by AIoT technologies, including cameras with tailored algorithms, auto-triggered radar, management software, LED displays, and more. These technologies all come together to help operators create more manageable park environments, and to improve vehicle and resource allocations for optimal efficiency.
Speed measurement cameras and LED Screen with real-time speed and ANPR displays help to regulate driving practices at a worksite. This helps to reduce accidents caused by speeding, reverse driving, driving out of lane boundaries, illegal lane changing, and more. Meanwhile, illegal parking cameras detect vehicles that have stopped in prohibited areas that could cause accidents or injuries.
All video images and alarms are received and displayed at a command center managed via HikCentral Professional software. Here, displays show real-time information such as vehicle license plate numbers and speed, enabling operators take prompt action in case of an emergency.
By creating a safer, more orderly park environment, site operators can help incoming drivers locate the right loading docks and warehouses more quickly and easily. Managers also find it easier to stay up-to-date with vehicle statuses, to control traffic, allocate resources, and respond to emergencies. In the end, this all leads up to racially improved productivity and more efficient operations. 
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