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Exclusive- Hikvision 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit: new AIoT strategy and platforms

Exclusive- Hikvision 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit: new AIoT strategy and platforms
AIoT is the industry megatrend driving new opportunities for public service organizations and enterprises to optimize their decision-making process, increase efficiency and achieve situational awareness. Hikvision Technology aims to build a comprehensive AIoT platform that will help accelerate end-to-end digital transformation across verticals.
AIoT is the industry megatrend driving new opportunities for public service organizations and enterprises to optimize their decision-making process, increase efficiency and achieve situational awareness. Hikvision Technology aims to build a comprehensive AIoT platform that will help accelerate end-to-end digital transformation across verticals.
At the recently concluded 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit: Looking into the future of AIoT in Bali, Indonesia, Hikvision shared how it will align its company strategy and strengthen core competencies with AIoT. Well-attended by industry leaders, technology partners and systems integrators from around the world, the company discussed how they can work together to design scenario-specific applications to address market pain points and boost customer value.
In this article, we will explore 5 key takeaways from the partner summit, which is focused on Hikvision's 4I AIoT strategy for intelligent technologies and applications.

Key takeaways from the Hikvision partner summit

1. Hikvision is expanding its expertise from video security to AIoT solutions

Keen Yao, VP of Hikvision, stated this clearly in his opening speech at the summit. "Hikvision’s strategy has shifted from a product solution and service provider with video as its core competency to a provider of end-to-end AIoT capabilities. We will work with industry leaders to create and offer AIoT technologies, products, platforms, applications and ecosystems to provide a full range of services for future-oriented cities and businesses," said Yao.
"Hikvision is leveraging the momentum of AIoT and working with partners to build a new ecosystem that can deepen the integration of technologies and businesses. This will help us create a more inclusive and sustainable future, making the world safer and smarter," added Yao.

2. Hikvision 4I strategy to build a comprehensive AIoT solution portfolio

As AIoT products and solutions diversify and grow in complexity, opportunities and challenges will increase as well. According to Frank Zhang, VP of Hikvision, current obstacles for the industry lie in designing integrated systems that maximize computing power and bandwidth usage as well as developing accurate algorithms for scenario-specific applications. 
This is where Hikvision's 4I strategy comes in. The four I's – intelligent technology, intelligent device, intelligent ecosystem and intelligent applications – were likened by Zhang to a strong tree, where each layer works synergistically to create a collaborative ecosystem that will nurture technology innovation and business outcomes. 

3. Hikvision to harness multi-dimensional perception in AIoT through intelligent technology and devices

Perception capabilities are vital in AIoT for AI-driven insights to improve security, intelligence and efficiency. Hikvision has invested in enhancing color imaging in low-light conditions and multi-dimensional perception technologies.
Three technologies will enable Hikvision to address color imaging challenges in low-light environments: (1) bi-spectrum image fusion technology: infrared and visible light imaging, (2) AI-ISP image processing engine to optimize nighttime image quality with AI noise reduction and (3) patented hybrid supplemental lighting: adaptive lighting with low illumination up to 0.13 lux, which can minimize light pollution. 
The Hikvision product portfolio has also expanded beyond video (visible light) to cover much more of the electromagnetic spectrum: x-ray, infrared, and millimeter-waves bands. The further addition of acoustic and textual technologies enables an AI multimodal (multi-perception) approach for end-to-end security solutions.
For instance, an intelligent perimeter protection solution can use a fiber optic or radar-based intruder detection system as a preliminary alarm linked to PTZ or thermal cameras for object identification to minimize false alarms.
An upcoming Hikvision AIoT project of note will be securing the 2023 Asian Games in China. Digital twins of the physical venues will be created using 3D BIM and video technology. Administrators can then use the Hikvision AIoT platform to virtually manage perimeter protection, perform virtual patrol inspections and deploy security in real time.

4. Hikvision provides open platforms to strengthen the partner ecosystem 

Hikvision seeks to empower its partners to develop innovative solutions targeting vertical intelligence by using an open architecture for its device and platform ecosystem.
"For the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) layer, Hikvision supplies nearly 30,000 hardware products that can easily integrate with third-party hardware as part of the system. For the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) layer, HikCentral and Cloud Open APIs unify access management for AIoT devices and applications and proactive maintenance," said Zhang.
Hikvision also announced the launch of HEOP 2.0 to further enhance partner "co-creation":
HEOP 2.0
The global launch of the Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) 2.0 offers technology partners containerized deployment of their applications on Hikvision AIoT hardware and edge devices using HikFlow deep learning development kits. This "co-creation" allows the customization of AIoT solutions to address unique needs and installation scenarios in security and beyond.
Notable examples of partner apps developed with the HEOP 2.0 include French startup NOVO SENSO which developed NOVOSTABLE, a smart app for AI cameras that monitor the health and welfare of horses; Irida Labs, whose edge vision AI transforms cameras into intelligent AIoT sensors; and Singapore-based Cynapse that specializes in vision AI software. Partner feedback on HEOP highlighted the scalability of the platform's hardware and AI analytic capabilities and high market penetration into diverse markets.

AI open platform
Hikvision partners with limited AI development capabilities can now leverage the AI open platform to quickly generate their own algorithms for fragmented scenario applications. "We currently offer 14 training modules with highly accurate incremental learning algorithms for video, audio and textual technologies. Partner algorithms can run on multiple Hikvision front-end and back-end AIoT products that can be adapted to diverse application scenarios," said Zhang. "The platform has already been widely used in our core regions and served several thousand companies."
Another future development to look out for in 2023 is Hikvision’s app marketplace to boost technology partnerships and development.

5. Hikvision intelligent scenario-specific applications will address needs across verticals

 The event also featured technology partners and customers that leveraged Hikvision AIoT technology to target specific challenges in their industries, ranging from energy, manufacturing, logistics, smart cities, building management, education and retail.
Partnerships highlighted at the summit include intelligent transportation solutions adopted by highways and parking management systems installed in various big malls across Singapore. Hikvision technology has also been incorporated to create school management platforms in Thailand, shopping mall apps in Malaysia and warehouse digitalization in Indonesia. And a Vietnamese solar plant used Hikvision thermal cameras for border perimeter defense. A large retail group in Thailand used the HikCentral Connect VSaaS platform for central management, resulting in reduced costs, accelerated digitalization and lowered incidences of internal fraud.
There were also clear examples of how the Hikvision AIoT technology platform has paved the way for new innovative applications as well.
A standout example is the Hikvision-ABT Indonesia collaborative initiative under the newly launched Hikvision STAR program, which promotes the responsible use of technology to support non-profit organizations involved in biodiversity, environmental and cultural heritage protection. Using ColorVu cameras and camera traps for forest monitoring and conservation, "This project showcases technology that can help protect wildlife and their habitats to create a better future for nature. We will continue to work with Hikvision and other strategic partners to promote this," said Dody Rukman, CEO of Alam Bukit Tingapuluh (ABT), the official partner of WWF-Indonesia.
Another noteworthy application can be found at the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore where the “classroom of the future 2.0” features digital signage for online and offline information dissemination.
According to Hikvision, more than 400 partners from around the world participated in this summit and exchanged ideas, insights, experiences, and practices in AIoT technology megatrends.
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