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Gallagher’s Controller 7000 Single Door: Intelligence at the door

Gallagher’s Controller 7000 Single Door: Intelligence at the door
Its small size and pleasing aesthetics were carefully crafted to simply plug into the Ethernet and sit discretely on the wall above the door or in the ceiling space.
The Gallagher Controller 7000 Single Door (C7000 SD) delivers true intelligence to every door. Its small size and pleasing aesthetics were carefully crafted to simply plug into the Ethernet and sit discretely on the wall above the door or in the ceiling space.
But don’t underestimate the new device for its small size and good looks. The C7000 SD has real processing power and serious memory with extensive functionality and next-level cybersecurity. Its capabilities are ten times greater than anything before. The C7000 SD supports five million users with a single credential. It supports two million if each user has a mobile credential and has been assigned two cards to facilitate system migration. In addition, the C7000 SD can store one million offline events.
While many customers don’t have databases and event potential on that scale, the extra capability provides real benefit for smaller organizations too. They can be rest assured that the ability to store and process large numbers of users and events is there should they need it for future expansion.
The C7000 SD does everything at speed. It retains significant capacity to manage powerful new features added in future Command Centre releases, including the latest evolution that is Command Centre Web, Gallagher’s web-based security management system.
The C7000 SD is compatible with existing sites using the Gallagher Controller 6000 and the award-winning security site management software, Command Centre.

Cyber-sleek and secure

Gallagher’s Controller 7000 Single Door also has some very neat cybersecurity tricks, including an EdgeLock SE050 secure element for hardware-based security, with advanced key protection and management capabilities, and provisioning services for key injection at secured manufacturing facilities.
The beauty of EdgeLock is that it offers end-to-end security now and into the future. Its inclusion highlights the forward-thinking mindset of Gallagher’s engineering team and the direction of future developments from Australasia’s biggest security manufacturer.
Taking this a step further, the C7000 SD utilizes Trusted Execution Environment built into factory processes at the hardware level to incorporate secure key loading and storage, using the secure enclave baked into the chip. Gallagher is able to achieve cryptographic verification on boot, as well as in the application, employing hardware separation between the main application and the cryptographic key storage. This is a big evolutionary step in cybersecurity: being able to separate those two elements and verify both the operating system and application software at the hardware level.
Gallagher built a new secure room in their factory to achieve the secure key loading processes as well as prevent supply chain attacks. This new hardware and the backend processes effectively mean the firmware can never be tampered with.

Intuitive to install

The C7000 SD is sleekly built of poly with a double row of angled connectors to reduce the angle of approach, improving access when installers are undertaking delicate terminations. The beautiful and clean design would also inspire installers to mount the unit in visible spaces when powered by PoE+, or within a variety of cabinet types when powered by traditional PSU and battery backup.
Gallagher installers will find the C7000 SD hardware intuitive and familiar, with easy provisioning, front and rear tampers, labelled terminals, battery load testing, and LEDs to indicate status and minimize use of multimeters during commissioning.
The dip switches are consistent with the 6000 controllers. Technicians know the run-state LEDs and how to use them for commissioning. There are also new LEDs so technicians can monitor the state of inputs visually instead of pulling out multimeters.
The enclosure supports DIN rail mount, so technicians don’t need to use the lid if it’s going into a cabinet, and there is also a deeper cabinet to support conduit side entries. There are four variants of the product with the two RS485 variants having six onboard inputs, while the two Wiegand variants having five inputs. There’s a relay output and a transistor relay to drive an open collector, allowing devices with different voltages to be connected. The controller will also ship with a QR code that will allow technicians to scan for hardware installation notes.
There will be a new kit incorporating a cabinet with a small power supply for standalone applications without PoE. Along with the communications variants, additional Enhanced and High Security variants will follow in future.

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