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Transforming tenant experiences with modern access control

Transforming tenant experiences with modern access control
Regional Manager for Gallagher in North Asia, Jin Hui, shares how smart access control solutions are changing the way commercial spaces operate to create smarter, more efficient environments for the tenant of today.
Regional Manager for Gallagher in North Asia, Jin Hui, shares how smart access control solutions are changing the way commercial spaces operate to create smarter, more efficient environments for the tenant of today.

From their home, the carpark, and eventually their office floor, tenants have often had to deal with several different systems involving a mix of fobs, cards, or pin pads – all of which can create a less-than-seamless journey. However, in recent years people are expecting more from the spaces they interact with which has driven the rise of interest in smart buildings and touchless technologies. From this demand, the development of people-centric solutions has accelerated, making them more readily available than ever before and better able to support a safe, flexible, and frictionless user experience, without sacrificing security.

Beyond the benefits of traditional access control

It's safe to say that access control technology has a strong role to play in delivering frictionless experiences. Access control has moved beyond just traditional access cards, offering a variety of multi-use options that can be tailored to meet a site’s individual security and business requirements.
From using mobile credentials to access meeting spaces, facial recognition technology to provide automated building and lift access, or car park management systems to prevent peak hour queues – the opportunities that an access control system can deliver to create an improved tenant experience are endless.
Beyond the user experience, today’s access control technology can also help property managers and landlords who are navigating rising environmental concerns and energy costs. Through utilizing the data from their access control system, landlords can get an accurate picture of resource use to reduce unnecessary overheads and interface lighting and air conditioning services for better energy efficiency and cost-savings.
“A hybrid approach to working is driving a huge demand for agile working spaces and bookable office resources to optimize space and reduce costs. By interfacing access control technology with a building management system, it allows services such as air conditioning, lighting, and heating to respond to the presence of people within an area,” says Jin.
“Gallagher’s Booking Interface makes it possible for doors to lock and unlock in response to a scheduled booking, while simultaneously managing room services to activate only when in use.”

Moving to mobile

To help minimize contact and create a streamlined process for access, mobile credentials are easy to deploy and provide a cost-effective solution for commercial buildings, high-end residential facilities, and co-working spaces.
Not only do mobile credentials offer a higher level of convenience compared to a traditional access card, but they also reduce the cost and security risk of lost or stolen cards. Furthermore, businesses can also utilize remote provisioning of mobile credentials for users that require access to shared spaces, for example a new starter or visitor, without needing to physically issue a card.
“While physical cards still have their place for some organizations, mobile credentials provide an alternative solution that meets the changing needs of tenants,” explains Jin. “Because mobile credentials can be managed remotely, users can easily activate and expire credentials, while having real-time control over who has access to spaces like meeting rooms. They simply issue a credential and within minutes they can have access to the site without someone needing to be physically there to let them in.”
Harnessing Bluetooth wireless technology, Gallagher’s Mobile Connect Digital ID removes the cost and contact risk of issuing physical cards for ID cards, providing a digital, on-phone alternative, that can be issued remotely and securely. ID information can be updated in real time with multiple IDs across multiple sites being able to be stored on the one app.
For commercial buildings who already have their own mobile app to manage tenant facilities, Gallagher’s Mobile Connect SDK solution enables them to utilize the access control functionality of Mobile Connect, directly from their existing app.

Seamless integration with existing systems

One of the biggest benefits of modern access control technology is its ability to integrate different systems into one powerful and cohesive platform, blending seamlessly with existing applications and service software.
“When access credentials are integrated into existing systems, it can make physical security less of a tedious exercise and instead it becomes an integral part of a meaningful end-user experience,” says Jin.
Gallagher’s REST API provides commercial and residential buildings with superior integration performance that allows them to quickly and cost effectively integrate third-party systems with their Command Centre software. For example, if a commercial space has an existing meeting room hire app, Gallagher’s Cardholder REST API can send cardholder data directly to their app when a credential is presented at the meeting room door.
From a property manager’s perspective, solutions like Gallagher’s REST API are highly scalable to support future building expansion and can be implemented without a lot of added work.

Endless possibilities

With many businesses now adopting a hybrid approach to working, there will continue to be a huge demand for flexible and frictionless workspaces.

"As a security manufacturer, it’s exciting to be a part of this journey and driving the continuous development of intelligent security solutions that truly make a difference to the everyday user,” says Jin.

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