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Hikvision’s end-to-end solutions establish essential security for SMBs

Hikvision’s end-to-end solutions establish essential security for SMBs
SMBs need to ensure that their personnel, customers, and visitors as well as their assets are protected – while also freeing time to focus on the core revenue-generating activities. Hikvision enables these goals with a new range of end-to-end security solutions.
Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) need to ensure that their personnel, customers, and visitors as well as their assets are protected – while also freeing time to focus on the core revenue-generating activities. Hikvision enables these goals with a new range of end-to-end security solutions for SMBs. These include smart video security, reliable alarm systems, and sophisticated access control solutions that enhance and automate security provision, reduce time spent on manual security checks, and simplify security management – which adds up to peace of mind for business owners and managers.
In SMBs, ensuring security for people and assets is essential. At the same time, effective, automated security solutions that can maximize safety, efficiency, and convenience are eagerly needed in their daily operations. Fortunately, today’s technologies make this both possible and affordable.
To help small businesses boost their security, while also saving time for revenue-generating activities, Hikvision has created our portfolio of end-to-end solutions for SMBs. This includes all of the smart video security, alarm systems, and access control solutions business owners and managers need in order to secure their premises – with a mobile app for remote visibility of every corner of the premises from any location, 24/7.
The solution portfolio includes:
1) Proactive and automated security coverage with AI-powered video security
Hikvision cameras equipped with AcuSense technology and ColorVu technology act automatically to protect against security breaches at any time of the day or night, even in extremely low light conditions. Critically, Hikvision AI cameras can distinguish between real security threats – such as people or vehicles breaching the perimeter of a site or building – and ignore innocent moving objects such as falling leaves, moving animals, or heavy rain. False alarms can be minimized, saving time and reducing stress for business owners and managers.
Hikvision’s Live-Guard feature can be embedded into AcuSense cameras to ward off would-be trespassers before they enter a building or site by using flashing lights and sirens that get triggered automatically. In this way, attempts to break into sites or buildings can be stopped before any damage ensues. Such deterrence is a great boon for SMBs.
2) Accurate, reliable alarm systems for a variety of security scenarios
Hikvision alarm systems offer a wide range of reliable, integrated indoor and outdoor detectors for intrusions, fires, and water and gas leaks, with choices for wired and wireless installations. All of these detectors can be integrated quickly and easily with other Hikvision products – including our AI cameras. Business owners can also arm or disarm the whole system with a simple tap and verify any alarm with video feeds delivered to their mobile devices.
3) Efficient access control and management solutions
Hikvision access control solutions, including the MinMoe Face Recognition terminals, help business owners and managers maximize security – even when they are offsite. With 99% recognition accuracy, these access control solutions ensure that only authorized people enter sites or buildings. An additional benefit of this solution is the ability to manage staff time and attendance based on highly accurate data.
To further enhance access control, Hikvision provides video intercom solutions. This allows business owners and managers to communicate with visitors effortlessly via their mobile device, and to unlock the door for them remotely when needed. This makes it easier to manage visits and deliveries anytime, anywhere.
4) Simple security management with a smart app
SMB owners and managers can use Hikvision’s Hik-Connect app on their mobile phone to manage their end-to-end security solution on the move. With Hik-Connect, they can see what’s going on at their premises with real-time video feeds and instant notifications. In addition to these benefits, Hik-Connect can be used in conjunction with Hikvision all-in-one indoor stations to check and manage devices, network status, battery status, and environmental temperatures on a single screen, making the process much easier and more convenient.

Maximize safety, efficiency, and convenience with Hikvision

To discover more about Hikvision’s end-to-end solutions for SMBs and, how they can help business owners and managers to protect people and assets 24/7, from anywhere, with less stress and fewer manual interventions, please visit the website, or contact us today for a meeting.

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