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How oil and gas companies can maximize on-site safety with Hikvision’s smart video solutions

How oil and gas companies can maximize on-site safety with Hikvision’s smart video solutions
Hikvision has created a new portfolio of smart video solutions – with integrated AI features that take site security and operating efficiency to the next level.
Oil and gas companies face unique challenges keeping their assets and employees safe, especially at locations where flammable liquids and gases are extracted, stored, or transported. To help oil and gas companies boost security and maximize health and safety for their employees, Hikvision has created a new portfolio of smart video solutions – with integrated AI features that take site security and operating efficiency to the next level.
Organizations operating in the oil and gas industry face a unique set of safety and security challenges. The flammable nature of hydrocarbons and the high operating temperatures of on-site equipment, for example, mean that fires and explosion risks are ever-present.
Oil and gas companies also tend to operate dispersed, standalone work sites, often in remote locations. This means that highly effective perimeter protection solutions are needed to minimize the risk of vandalism, unauthorized intrusions, and other security breaches.
What’s more, the remote nature of many oil and gas installations means that finding skilled workers can be difficult. For this reason, security and safety solutions that protect such worksites with their equipment and employees must be automated as much as possible.

Solving oil and gas challenges with Hikvision smart video solutions

To address the unique safety and security challenges of the oil and gas industry, Hikvision has created a portfolio of automated, highly effective security and equipment monitoring solutions. These solutions combine smart video technologies, including high-resolution optical lenses, thermal imaging capabilities, and AI to protect sites, assets, and employees, as well as to improve operational efficiency for users.

1. Optimizing equipment monitoring and maintenance

Hikvision solutions can be deployed to monitor equipment and machinery at oil and gas exploration sites, processing plants, and in oil and gas fields. In particular, our thermal cameras can be used to detect whether equipment is functioning normally, and whether operating temperatures are within safe limits.
If equipment is running hot, or fire or explosion risks are detected, automated alerts are sent to security teams in real time to support a fast, effective response that maximizes safety and minimizes the risk of disruption and damage. 
Key performance and safety benefits include:

•    Improved reactive and proactive maintenance for increased production efficiency, with equipment performance data provided via analytics dashboard 24/7.
•    Reduced fire and explosion risks by AI analysis and detection of equipment temperatures, leaks, flares, etc.
•    Maximum equipment uptime and productivity with reduced manual patrols and troubleshooting requirements.

2. Enhancing 24/7 perimeter security

Hikvision oil and gas industry solutions allow organizations to ensure that only authorized people and vehicles enter sites, minimizing the risk of security breaches. In particular, AI algorithms built into Hikvision bullet cameras support automated functions – such as license plate recognition and vehicle and human recognition – to ensure that no unauthorized visitors are admitted.
Another key feature of our perimeter protection solutions for oil and gas are the AI features that distinguish between genuine security threats and false alarms, such as animals, falling leaves, heavy rain, and other moving objects. This allows security teams to focus on real threats and to minimize the time and workloads associated with investigating false alarms.
Key perimeter security benefits include:

•    Reduced need for expensive manual security patrols, automating and improving efficiency in remote sites.
•    Improved security and quicker response times with real-time alerts for perimeter breaches.
•    AI-powered license plate recognition for efficient, effective site access control.

3. Improving employee health and safety

With Hikvision, oil and gas companies can protect employees more effectively in various aspects of their work. This is achieved with onboard AI capabilities in Hikvision cameras, which generate alerts in the event of unsafe work practices or accidents.
For example, Hikvision solutions provide alerts if employees are not wearing the required protective clothing or masks. Additionally, alarms are triggered if employees come too close to dangerous equipment, or if an employee falls, for example, supporting rapid interventions to ensure their safety.
Hikvision solutions also improve staff health and safety indirectly by reducing fire and explosion risks, and by ensuring that vehicles transporting flammable liquids and gases are operated safely and stay within required speed limits as they move around the site.
Key health and safety benefits for oil and gas employees include:

•    Improved safety practices with AI detection of protective clothing and equipment.
•    Reduction of fire and explosion risks for overall improvements in employee health and safety.
•    Detection of vehicle violations to reduce traffic safety risks on worksites.

End-to-end oil and gas solutions from a single partner

Hikvision’s portfolio of smart vision solutions helps oil and gas companies overcome many of their most pressing security and operational challenges.
This is achieved with a combination of optical, thermal and AI technologies that detect and report security and performance issues automatically – supporting faster and more effective responses. Additionally, automated alerts enabled by Hikvision’s AI cameras reduce the need for manual security and monitoring patrols, further increasing efficiency and reducing health and safety risks.
To discover more about Hikvision oil and gas industry solutions, please contact Hikvision, or visit the website.

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