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Spectra launches affordable biometric device ‘Biot’ exclusively for SMEs

Spectra launches affordable biometric device ‘Biot’ exclusively for SMEs
Biot is an affordable biometric attendance system for SMEs helping with attendance tracking in real-time, remote access control, and overall employee management.
Spectra is on its way to launching a revolutionary biometric attendance system exclusively for SMEs. Designed for the future, this new offering has brought two complex solutions together into a singular, simple resolution. Biot is paving the way for SMEs towards absolute access control and flawless attendance tracking for their businesses. With cutting-edge features packed in a sleek, stylish, and weatherproof body, Biot ensures compliance and productivity to the highest degree.

Changing the way SMEs operate

For small business owners, attendance management is one of the last few agendas on their priority list as they are usually juggling multiple tasks at a time and have finite resources on hand. Even less considered is automated access control to their private cabin, or any other area of the office, with reliance being on manual supervision instead. Now, with Biot, these concerns can be addressed, and operational workflow can be upgraded.

A closer look

Biot, as a solution, is a combination of a biometric device working in synergy with an intelligent mobile app that lets the business owner control physical access to his/her office or shop, even remotely. Not just used to grant access permissions to doors, Biot also alerts the owner if a door remains open for more than the usual amount of time. Such a specific access control system in India was not available for SMEs in this price segment, until now. Biot is great for maintaining the privacy of the owner's personal cabin where he/she can lock or unlock it, even if he/she is away. Not just one, but Biot can grant access in 3 different ways – fingerprint scanning, Bluetooth tagging, and facial recognition, making it a foolproof access control solution.
The Biot device is laced with:
•    An anti-scratch optical sensor of 500 DPI,
•    A 2.8" color TFT wide and clear display,
•    An ARM Cortex 32-bit processor of 100 MHZ,
•    Inbuilt WiFi,
•    A 128 MB data flash memory that can store up to 48,000 transactions, and
•    A lot more advanced features to optimize business operations.
Users are also provided with extra on-cloud space that secures important data and makes it accessible 24/7/365. Biot has a compact footprint for a futuristic user experience. Moreover, a hassle-free network connection with increased efficiency that doesn’t need loops of LAN wiring to function add to the sophistication and professionalism the company wishes to project.
Such specifications are being introduced for the first time in a supremely affordable price range for small and midsized businesses to take advantage of biometric technology.

Instill time discipline among your staff

Biot is an IoT-powered technology specially designed to suit the unique HR requirements of the SME sector and provide complete authority to the owner to:
•    view accurate times of latecomers and early leavers,
•    track on-field employees in real-time,
•    generate quick attendance reports for payroll calculation,
•    check leave/tour applications made by employees, and
•    add or delete users easily from the system.
The Biot mobile app is intelligently devised to have an interactive dashboard that gives a clear glance of employee activities in the office. Its PUSH notification feature alerts the owner every time someone interacts with the Biot devices in the office. But, it is not all utility. Biot also lets you customize your experience by setting personalized screensavers and wallpapers, leading to employees adopting this technology more easily.

A new dawn

Biot seems to have opened the doors for small and midsized companies to finally embrace advanced biometric and IoT-powered technology for conducting their daily office operations, leaving traditional methods behind. With such a powerful solution, SMEs can save a lot of time, money, and human resources, and have an error-free attendance tracking protocol along with personalized access control.

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