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ZKTeco shows the future of touchless access control with scramble QR codes

ZKTeco shows the future of touchless access control with scramble QR codes
As the world slowly learns to live with COVID-19, security companies are coming up with even more efficient contactless technologies. ZKTeco offers scrambled QR code solution that provides the convenience of the traditional codes with improved encryption technology.
Companies around the world adopted several technologies during the pandemic that allowed them to maintain business as usual. These included cloud-based operational technology applications, solutions that enabled secure work-from-home, virtual meeting applications, and many others.
One of the most significant among these technologies has been contactless access control systems. In the early days of the pandemic, the security industry realized the importance of moving from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition to minimize physical contact. This was a logical step and allowed a seamless evolution in technology for many businesses.
But now, as the world slowly learns to live with COVID-19, security companies are coming up with even more efficient contactless technologies. ZKTeco, for instance, offers scramble QR code solution that provides the convenience of the traditional codes with improved encryption technology.

What is a scramble QR code system? 

ZKTeco’s scramble QR code access control solution works by delivering codes to mobile phones. Users who receive these secure codes can open doors to a place by letting the access control readers scan them. The ZKBioSecurity platform at the backend verifies and authenticates access.
The whole process is quick, safe, and secure. The convenience would appeal to the users as they don’t have to remember to carry a card or key. From the management’s perspective, they are easily scalable and cost-efficient because most people have mobile phones already.
“Since the arrival of the pandemic, people have become more conscious of hygiene and prefer to use touchless solutions,” explained Raymond So, Global Marketing Manager for ZKTeco. “Being part of the mobile phone, our scramble QR code solution allows users to avoid coming into physical contact with any shared surface. The learning curve of using the solution is also small because most people already use a mobile phone as an identity authentication tool for payment systems like Apple Pay.”

What makes it an ideal solution?

The most apparent advantage of ZKTeco’s scramble QR code solution is that it allows a simple, easy, touchless access control process. This is most relevant to the current pandemic scenario, as we mentioned before. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Several other factors also make ZKTeco’s scramble QR code relevant to the current market.

Improved security

The solution is powered by AES 256 Encryption, a robust security standard that even the US government has chosen to use. This means that along with the improved convenience, the ZKTeco scramble QR code solution ensures your security is not compromised at any point.
“The system architecture of ZK mobile app (virtual card) is based on end-to-end security concepts and modern encryption standards,” explained Jerry Lee, Solution Manager for ZKTeco. “The entire solution, consisting of a high-end security web platform, can run exclusively on your own private network if you prefer, which may comply with your corporate regulations and requirements to uphold and increase corporate security levels.”
It also eliminates the need to deploy temporary physical access badges and the security risks associated with them. One of the major issues related to cards is people losing them.

Personal and user-centric 

Compared to other modes of access control, this allows a more personal and user-centric approach that allows easy implementation of security policies. The main reason for this is the use of the mobile phone, which is a personal property of the users themselves. They don’t have to use artifacts like RFID cards that do not belong to them.

Visitor management and other integrations 

ZKTeco will soon be offering an option to integrate the scramble QR code solution for visitor management. Registered visitors will get a hyperlink that directs them to a scramble QR code to specific gates and doors that they would be allowed to access.
The solution also offers a range of options for integration. The company provides an open API allowing the ZKBioSecurity platform to be integrated with 3rd party software.

Economical and environment-friendly 

It is also more economical and environment-friendly because it does away with RFID cards and any paper tickets. No longer will customers have to factor in the cost of issuing and reissuing cards. These cards are made of plastic, which means switching to a scramble QR code solution will reduce your carbon footprint.

Which customers will benefit the most from it? 

Certain access control technologies are not recommended for some verticals. For instance, a fingerprint reader may not work well in an industrial setting like oil and gas. A key advantage of scramble QR code is that customers in any vertical, of any scale, can use them.
“We designed the dynamic solution to fit all market sectors and scale,” So continued. “Even a user with just one office door and five employees can deploy this solution easily at an affordable cost. Making things even better, the visitor management module in our ZKBioSecurity platform also supports a scramble QR code solution. Users can use the QR code solution as an online reservation and self-managed visitor solution.”
The potential applications don’t end there. The scramble QR code would be an ideal solution for self-service kiosks, unmanned supermarkets, unmanned hotels, unmanned shopping malls, or any such place where users must operate devices themselves.
An excellent example of a customer taking full advantage of this solution was recently seen at an ice rink in Hong Kong. Integrated with ZKTeco’s scramble, the rink’s entry and exit points were equipped with intelligent access solutions while allowing online reservation and scheduled notifications on the client’s phones. 

A future-centric solution 

The most sophisticated technologies are often the simplest. Using a scramble QR code would allow customers to simplify the process of access control while improving security and convenience.
The impact of COVID-19 cannot be ignored either. People worldwide now prefer touchless solutions that allow them to follow better hygiene practices. Meeting all these requirements, the ZKTeco scramble QR code solution is all set to become the go-to access control solution for the post-pandemic world.
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