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ZKTeco Mars Series speed gates win out with security, aesthetics and ease of installation

ZKTeco Mars Series speed gates win out with security, aesthetics and ease of installation
Speed gates are main entry points into end user organizations. ZKTeco has launched the Mars series of speed gates that meet various user requirements.
Speed gates are main entry points into end user organizations. As a result, users have high requirements for their speed gate products. In this regard, ZKTeco has launched the Mars series of speed gates that are highly secure, visually appealing and easily installed.
Nowadays, speed gates can be seen almost everywhere. They provide an easy entry solution for users who can quickly pass through and reach their intended destination. As such, speed gates are deployed in high passenger traffic entities such as enterprises and metro stations.
Speed gates are important security devices that keep outsiders or intruders at bay. That’s why users often attach great importance to their speed gate products. According to Harvey Chen, GM of Entrance Control and Security Inspection Department at ZKTeco, there are three main points that are considered by end user customers when considering speed gates:
  • High throughput – To accommodate high volumes of people entering and exiting buildings, especially during rush hour, the speed gate must have high throughput, meaning it must have enough speed to open and close the barrier;
  • Reliability – The speed gate serves as a main point of entry for crowds of people and must be reliable at all time. Further, it must have a high mean cycles between failure (MCBF);
  • Appearance – Users will think about whether the speed gate is well-integrated into the environment.

What ZKTeco offers

ZKTeco is a leading access control solutions provider. It understands customers’ need for robust, secure speed gate products. To meet customer requirements, ZKTeco has rolled out the Mars and Mars Pro series of speed gates including B1000/1200, F1000/1200 and S1000/1200.
Particularly worth-noting is the Mars Pro-S1000 series, consisting of the Mars Pro-S1000 single lane speed gates, Mars Pro-S1011 single lane speed gates with controller and RFID reader, and Mars Pro-S1022 single lane speed gates with controller, fingerprint and RFID reader. Amid a general commoditization trend in the speed gate market, the Mars Pro-S1000 series stands out with certain features that benefit both integrators and end users. These are discussed in the following.

Multiple authentication methods via removable panels

The Mars Pro-S1000 speed gates are equipped with removable panels that allow different authentication methods. What this offers is customization and plug-and-play convenience: the user can choose a panel and easily install it according to their authentication preference. Facial recognition is also supported.

“ZKTeco Mars Pro-S1000 not only provides good speed gates, they also have removable authentication panels and a space for ZKTeco’s face series. There are multiple biometric authentication panels available, such as RFID, RFID + fingerprint, RFID + QR, and RFID + fingerprint + QR. The user can choose different methods for authentication and can easily upgrade the facial recognition device,” Chen said.

Performance, durability and security

The Mars Pro-S1000 speed gates are also known for their performance and durability. They have maximum throughput of 30 people per minute, greatly enhancing the user experience especially during high-traffic periods. MCBF is 10 million. The speed gates also feature several pairs of sensors, greatly improving their anti-tailgate performance.
“The Mars Pro-S1000 speed gates are equipped with 16 pairs of infrared sensors, which are distributed throughout the speed gate from bottom to top. They make sure that any abnormal event can be easy detected. And each speed gate has an internal alarm system to give an alarm sound and send a signal to the management software associated with it,” Chen said.


Most speed gates are installed in lobbies of enterprises or offices. Thus, they must be well-designed and visually appealing. Making them blend well into the environment is also important.

“The Mars Pro-S1000 speed gates feature a new generation of humanized design. They’ve got a strong body inside, with indicator lights located between the top lid and both posts. And the speed gate has a white color powder coating finishing, looking very gentle and suitable for lots of indoor environments,” Chen said. “While white color is the standard, clients also can chose other colors for Mars Pro-S1000 according their installation environment, making Mars Pro-S1000 blend well into the environment. Whether golden, gray or black, if the client needs other colors, we can also customize to meet client's requirement.”

Benefits for integrators

Another advantage of the Mars Pro-S1000 speed gates is ease for integrators, who can easily install the speed gates and customize them according to customer needs.
“The Mars Pro-S1000 speed gates have exposed mounting holes for easy installation. There is no space limit to use tools when the device is installed,” Chen said. “Their creative snap-fit, screwless and modularized design makes installation and maintenance work easier than ever, and saves up to 30 percent production lead time. The speed gate allows the integrators to make some customization, such as using higher durable material SUS316 or a different reader panel mix on the speed gate, for example egress with RFID and ingress with RFID+QR scanner.”

Vertical markets suited

End users that require speed gates with high throughput and durability can benefit from the Mars Pro-S1000 speed gates. These include airports, metro stations, gyms, banks and others.
“There are typical of applications for which speed gates are chosen by entities such as offices, exhibition centers and government centralization workplaces,” Chen said. “The vertical users request that their speed gates have more durability, flexibility and stable functions.”

Winning out in the market

Speed gates have become quite commoditized; how to make them stand out and meet customers’ need is therefore critical. ZKTeco has succeeded in this regard, rolling out the Mars Pro-S1000 speed gates that are highly customized, highly secure and integration-friendly. In the future we can continue to expect ZKTeco to roll out more advanced speed gate solutions to meet customer requirements.

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