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Access control and fire safety solutions showcase at Secutech Hybrid

Access control and fire safety solutions showcase at Secutech Hybrid
Set to run from July 7 to Aug 6, 2021, Secutech Hybrid is ready to bring about some of the most advanced developments in the industry to visitors. Customers have had to limit their projects and purchases over the last two years due to Covid-19, but manufacturers have not stopped working on their R&D to take technology and business forward.
Set to run from July 7 to Aug 6, 2021, Secutech Hybrid is ready to bring about some of the most advanced developments in the industry to visitors. Customers have had to limit their projects and purchases over the last two years due to Covid-19, but manufacturers have not stopped working on their R&D to take technology and business forward.

What makes Secutech Hybrid online exhibition unique is the strong representation of world-class Taiwanese companies ready to showcase the latest in surveillance, access control, mobility, fire & safety and smart home technologies.

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Access Control – A main highlight at Secutech Hybrid

In this age of the Coronavirus pandemic, demand for access control has grown significantly, now charged with more tasks beyond physical security.

Speaking to, Allen Lien from Waferlock pointed out that contactless systems and cloud solutions are the trends right now.
“Looking at trends in the access control market, we can see that the demand for cloud-based systems and face recognition have grown rapidly in recent years,” Lien said. “Due to COVID-19, customers want all the main features of the access control system to be touchless. This means an increase in technologies like face recognition, app-based control, and temperature monitoring.”
A significant challenge for the access control market will be the impact of the pandemic on the global economy. Shortage of raw materials and instability of the global supply chain would also hurt companies and customers. However, Lien points out that with crisis comes opportunity - there is a lot of demand for contactless solutions. Figuring out how to take advantage of these opportunities should be the priority for companies.

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WAFERLOCK will present the latest systems, LiveAM and WAFERKEY, at Secutech Hybrid this year. LiveAM is an online access control system with a web-based interface. It provides prompt and straightforward operation for access management using face recognition, card, and pin while collecting real-time feedback from devices. The system also supports hotel management and can be integrated with other systems through API.
“Actually, LiveAM is not only an access control system but a powerful system for building management,” Lien explained. “It can be integrated with a video surveillance system, fire alarm, parking system, Building automation system, etc. LiveAM can provide critical information to users with these integrations, like a situational status and evacuation plan during a fire incident. LiveAM would automatically turn off The HVAC system and take elevators to the safe floor.”
Besides, LiveAM also has a mobile application that allows access to doors, elevators, and control devices from a single point.
The second solution, WAFERKEY, is an app providing access management for homes and rental suites. Users can unlock doors and share access to others via mobile app. The app also provides real-time notifications and allows tracking of access history. Each gateway can be paired with multiple locks within the signals.
“Therefore, it is a cost-effective and convenient solution for small offices, rental suites, and Airbnb,” Lien continued. “There are increasing demands for real-time feedback and prompt control of devices. LiveAM system has well addressed this issue and also provides the wireless solution to lower the installation costs. In addition, both LiveAM and WAFERKEY systems can be compatible with mobile app applications. They provide a more convenient way for customers to unlock the door locks.”

Visitors to the show can access a wide array of access access control solution portfolios from the likes of AIRA Corporation, Giga-TMS, Klacci, Jin Tay Industries and many more. Interested parties can take a step further and schedule 1-on-1 meetings with representatives for further discussion. Access complete exhibitor list                                    

Innovative Fire Safety Tech Awaits Visitors

Another remarkable feature of the Secutech Hybrid online show is the presence of a significant number of innovative fire and safety technology solution providers. Conversations about the modern physical security and safety market often revolve around video surveillance. What goes unsaid is how critical fire safety is.

Fire incidents continue to remain one of the biggest threats that businesses and residences face. Fire can destroy assets and hurt people faster than many other disasters. Fortunately, some fire safety companies have relentlessly worked to bring innovative solutions that would dramatically minimize this threat. 

With this in mind, Secutech Hybrid brings together prominent figures in the fire safety industry such as AVA-Prevent, P-Waver, Rotarex Firetec among other companies, making it easy for the visitors to source what they need on one single online platform. Access complete exhibitor list                                    

One featured company is Hex Safety, a partner of the AI-powered earthquake warning solution provider, P-Waver. Speaking to, Danny Huang, COO at P-Waver, pointed out that customers often don’t realize the importance of fire safety systems. In many instances, people question fire safety systems only after an incident occurs, which is often too late.
“The fire safety market is quite mature, and many older buildings use already use outdated fire safety systems,” Huang said. “But even when they are outdated, most users see little use of them and are reluctant to new technology. So, it is hard to convince them to spend more on our product”.
However, new buildings are introducing autonomous reporting where less human intervention is required during a fire incident to reduce damages, injuries, and evacuation time. Fire-related data is automatically stored in cloud services for future investigation.
Hex Safety plans to showcase Dynamic Evacuation System and Signages and Hex Cloud System at the event. The Hex Cloud System introduces autonomous system monitoring and pushes notification during a fire incident. The system has been proven effective, and it is installed and operating in buildings across Taiwan.
“The Dynamic Evacuation System currently attracts the most interest in the market,” explained Huang. “Our clients range from government to private sectors. The majority of our products are installed in parking garages and complex buildings where exits are hard to locate.”

Why a Made-in-Taiwan solution is a great idea

Secutech offers global customers a perfect gateway to Taiwanese solutions. With decades of experience in IT and manufacturing, Taiwan’s enterprises have matured and developed well in multiple technical fields such as IC design, IoT and AI technology. Taiwan has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that allow companies robust quality control while promoting innovative ideas.
“Most global mainstream brands only have “conceptual ideas” with no actual installation in buildings to prove its effectiveness,” Huang pointed out. “Hex Safety has done all the required research and development, improved on our product where necessary, and has many clients and buildings to showcase our work. We have also designed our system to be easily integrated and be compatible with requirements of clients in different countries.”
In fact, there are lots of mainstream brands doing the OEM and ODM business with suppliers in Taiwan. The diverse supply chain and up-to-date techniques make Taiwan a suitable place for manufacturing and even designing new products with first-rate quality control.

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