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Dahua accelerates smart security and living with intelligent residential solutions

Dahua accelerates smart security and living with intelligent residential solutions
The company is actively promoting the real estate industry’s further development with intelligent residential solutions that are deployed in real estate projects across the globe.
Real estate is a comprehensive yet complex concept. Properties include residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, complexes and others. Buildings typically go through the following stages: development, construction and operation.
A key part of building operation is security. Currently, building managers and operators are faced with three primary challenges in this regard:
1. Dispersed systems: In many real estate projects, video surveillance, intercoms, alarms, access control and parking control exist as disparate systems, working in silos. Operators need to use multiple platforms to operate them. This increases operators’ job difficulty and learning cost.
2. Investment does not match outcome: Traditional PIR sensors incur high false alarm rates, causing many security guards to ignore the alarms. Video surveillance in most cases is only used for post-mortem verification and cannot provide timely protection. This causes developers and building management companies to feel hesitant about investing in security.
3. High labor cost: Needless to say, building operation is quite labor-intensive. Increasing personnel investment will lead to higher labor cost and management challenges. In this regard, technology is needed to improve management efficiency or even replace manual labor in certain job functions.

Dahua’s intelligent residential solutions

The building management service market has become quite competitive. To stay ahead in the competition, developers and management companies can turn to smart technology for improved efficiency. Indeed, AIoT, mobility and integration are profoundly affecting this industry.
Dahua Technology is a world leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. The company is actively promoting the industry’s further development with intelligent residential solutions that are deployed in real estate projects across the globe. Specifically, Dahua realizes its visions through the following three major fields:

Smart security

Cameras loaded with AI can greatly reduce false alarms caused by weather changes, shaking trees and small animals. Dahua’s 2MP WDR IR bullet WizMind IP camera, for example, not only is loaded with SMD algorithms to accurately detect people, vehicles and objects, but also integrates with smart speakers to deter and warn off intruders, making security personnel’s job easier and more efficient. In South Africa, Dahua works with a residential security company that deals with 3.5 million alarm events every month, 99 percent of which are false alarms. With the use of AI cameras, the false alarm rate is greatly reduced, and operational efficiency significantly increased.

Smart living

Imagine how interesting it is to live in such a place: When entering the parking lot, residents will automatically have the gate open for them. When entering the lobby, they can automatically enter through facial recognition and be greeted by the elevator, which will take them to their desired floor. Dahua takes this a step closer to reality with its digital face recognition outdoor station, which supports both facial recognition and QR codes for areas where privacy is required. In a high-end real estate project in Australia, the customer uses Dahua AI video intercoms which not only free up their hands but also allow them to call down elevators. This enhances the overall user experience as well as highlights the intelligent nature of the building.

Smart property management

Smart property management can greatly improve operation efficiency. For example, a license plate recognition camera integrated with video intercom deployed at parking entrance requires no separate guard box at the entrance point. Visitors being checked at the reception desk using manual registration is a thing of the past: The owner can invite visitors directly through their mobile phones, and visitors can obtain a QR code as temporary permission to enter. For third-party integration, Dahua supports ONVIF, Wiegand and SIP, as well as specific requests of customers.
As an example, a customer in North America is responsible for the operation of high-end villas. Dahua has helped them achieve smart visitor management, vehicle theft warning, and long-term care for the elderly. Management transformed from manual labor to automation. This has not only improved management efficiency but also increased the satisfaction of the owner, who has seen further business growth as a result.
In addition to the above cases, Dahua also has projects in various regions around the world. Examples include five-star hotels in Dubai, smart communities in Southeast Asia, and security operation and maintenance customers in the Latin American market.

Meeting customers' contactless needs

In 2021, Dahua will expand R&D and further explore this industry along with their customers. Especially amid the pandemic, contactless solutions are seeing strong demand. Dahua has launched mobile solutions for commercial and residential properties, allowing users to enter not only via facial recognition but also QR codes on their phones. For visitors, they can be invited online by the owner and can enter with a QR code, effectively reducing contact.

Future intelligent residential trends

In the future, integration and intelligence in real estate will become more and more noticeable and inevitable. This is due to two primary reasons. First, real estate has become a competitive market – more and more realtors use smart home to appeal to buyers. Secondly, during the pandemic, more people are working from home and are looking for smart home solutions to make home life more efficient and enjoyable.
By intelligence, we’re not merely talking about automatic light turn-ons when residents return home. AI in smart home devices will learn about lighting and weather patterns and user habits to make adjustments according to various scenarios. Refrigerators can provide recipes based on the food inside. While today information is mostly processed in the cloud of service providers, it will move closer to the edge to enable more instant feedback and responses.
Amid the intelligent residential trend, a bigger role needs to be played by security and IoT suppliers to provide what customers truly need. In this regard, Dahua has solutions that address users’ smart security, living and property management requirements. In the near future we can expect Dahua to continue to stay close to customers and roll out solutions that take the living experience to a brand new level.

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