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Access control and thermal imaging technology

Access control and thermal imaging technology
Public and private sectors have been taking great effort to fight against the pandemic. Businesses have been applying various measures for both operation continuity and employees’ health. However, manual temperature check generally applied in access causes inefficiency to both guards, staffs and visitors. 

To enhance efficiency and preciseness, ZKTeco offers a complete access control system combining visible light facial recognition and thermal imaging technology, which precisely detects both facial images for verification and facial temperatures of everyone in a standing or walking crowd in up to 1.2 meters within 0.1 second. The entire process is touchless to ensure hygiene quality. Once the detected temperature is over the pre-set value, an alarm will be triggered and guards will be notified, it also enables function of granting access only to people wearing masks to minimize the risk of virus transmission without decreasing biometrics security level. 

ZKTeco’s thermal imaging technology is a non-contact automatic thermometer that provides a maximum of 10,800 (120 x 90) measuring points and detects temperature differences as small as 0.3°C. The system also immediately selects the highest temperature among all results detected on a surface from a distance. 

Generally speaking, the human body emits energy in the form of heat; the higher the temperature of the body, the higher the power emitted. Thermal imaging technology captures different levels of infrared light. If the IR radiation intensity is high enough, it can be recognized as heat.
The system detects the body temperature of a target by calculating the temperature difference between the person and the surrounding object. If the object temperature is the same as the surrounding environment, the net energy exchange will be zero. 

Moreover, ZKTeco combines the cutting-edge Visible Light technology and thermal imaging technology, so the frame rate is increased to 25/fps, compared with about 4/fps offered by the ordinary IR technology. With this integration, the solution detects a more  accurate temperature difference faster. 

Thermal imaging technology adopts a wide-angle camera that is adequate to monitor the front porch, entryway, hallway, side of the door, side door, and relatively small areas. Even people who are relatively tall or short can have their authentication recognized and have their body temperature measured at ease.

How technology helps society

Multi-point temperature check with auto-forehead detection

While most of the thermal imaging technology in the market only provides 1 focus spot on a surface for temperature measurement, ZKTeco sensors can measure temperature of multiple spots. It gives a maximum of 10,800 (120 x 90) points to measure body temperature, then the highest temperature measured among the results will be selected and displayed.

Extra-wide angle recognition (+/- 25 degrees)

While most of the algorithms only support a 15-degree facial recognition tolerance,, ZKTeco’s thermal imaging technology supports a much wider tolerance angle of  50-degree for facial recognition.

Fast, accurate, and convenient 

ZKTeco’s thermal imaging technology is fast, precise, and convenient to use – ideal for  remote monitoring. The response time (from detection to display) of thermal imaging is  approximately 0.1 second for quicker track access to the monitored area.

Proactive long-distance temperature measurement 

With visible light facial recognition technology, the recognition distance of ZKTeco’s access control greatly extends to up to 120cm, significantly boosting the maximum traffic rate for temperature measurement plus authentication checks. 

Ultra-Wide-Angle check for various body size 

ZKTeco Camera offers extensively wide view which enables identification and body temperature detection of human body size up to 200cm height.

Touchless sensor

The facial recognition and non-contact features facilitate temperature measurements without touching. It is not only crucial for the safety of workers but also minimization of potential product contamination.

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