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What parking manager wants from a parking system

What parking manager wants from a parking system
Knowing the benefits of smart parking is important for systems integrators (SI) to market them properly to end customers.
Knowing the benefits of smart parking is important for systems integrators (SI) to market them properly to end customers. Ian Todd, Director of Automated Parking at Westfalia Technologies pointed out that compared to a conventional parking garage, 30 to 60 percent more cars can fit in an automated garage of the same space. 

"This is because conventional garages are designed with enough room for cars to navigate and park throughout the garage safely, and for people to walk to and from their cars," Todd added. "There is no need for these areas in an automated garage; space is only needed for the equipment to operate and the cars themselves." 

By implementing one of our automated parking systems, property owners, developers, and architects can gain numerous benefits. Dominic Wieser, Cofounder of Arivo explained that For car park users, a smart parking solution offers easy to access thanks to reliable and fast license plate recognition without the need for remote controls or other access aids. A transparent and straightforward self-management makes it possible to share the parking lot, for example, with other family members.

"For a smart building manager, a smart parking system is modern and maintenance-free. It provides low installation costs, a reduction in administration costs, easy integration with existing systems, as well as control over actual use and capacities," Wieser continued. "Occupancy rates and letting turnover can be planned and optimized in the best possible way."

Better use of space

An automated parking system allows you to store more vehicles in a
Dominic Wieser, Cofounder of Arivo
smaller footprint. This is an essential selling point in crowded cities where people are buying more cars despite a lack of space. 

"The parking department of a city can benefit from networked garages using a smart parking system," Wieser said, giving an example. "This would lead to more flexibility, cost reduction, and increased profitability. Optimal use and sharing of existing parking spaces due to intelligent software can be achieved. All possible use cases can be covered (residential, commercial, office, retail...)."

More design options

Because they are more flexible in terms of where they can be placed, these automated vehicle parking systems give architects and designers increased freedom. Besides making the designs more efficient, this also allows more aesthetically pleasing systems to be put in place. 

Enhanced public safety

An automatic car parking system doesn't require drivers to cross empty lots or dark garages to get to their cars. When machines manage the parking themselves, there is more precision and less chance of any error, increasing the overall safety. 

Reduced emissions

Without the need to circle for a spot, these advanced car parking systems mean less air pollution and wasted fuel. Automated parking systems are aware of where space is available and can direct the car there, avoiding the unnecessary search for vacant spots. 

Automated parking systems provide you with the ability to differentiate yourself and your projects against competitors while increasing return on capital. Convenience, safety, and prestige can all be garnered from an automated parking system. 

What the customer expects 

A parking operator wants to maximize utilization, revenue, and profit. He needs reliable and fast license plate recognition, which can also be integrated into existing systems.

"He wants to minimize administrative costs," Wieser added." Reservation, booking process, and billing must be automated and straightforward. A scalable solution already profitable for small garages, but also suitable for highly complex requirements, makes it fit for the future and guarantees a return on investment."

Customers also want to optimize the yield of the property and generate additional income. They have the goal to generate an optimal use of the capacity of the parking spaces and the utilization of vacancies. They require flexibly regulated access to common areas such as inner courtyards or visitor car parks, a fair distribution of visitor parking spaces, and flexible, temporary authorizations. For them, a smart parking system helps to reduce the cost of administration and for entry devices. A digital, maintenance-free solution is less expensive than conventional systems such as radio remote controls.

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