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Top 5 autonomous security drones you should know in 2019

Top 5 autonomous security drones you should know in 2019
Autonomous security drones that can patrol large areas on their own are becoming more and more popular. Here's a look at some of the major companies offering them.
Until recently, protecting large areas like farm fields or mining areas required the use of several security cameras and lots of patrolling guards. While this has been effective for many customers, the costs associated with such a complex setup are quite high. This is especially true of manned guards as labor costs are always on the rise in many countries.

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This is where autonomous security surveillance drones become relevant. The drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) first entered the market as a remote-controlled device. However, thanks to developments in technologies like machine vision and artificial intelligence, there are drones that can now fly without the help of a human navigator. Interestingly, as their benefits become more and more evident, manufacturers are even making autonomous drones that can protect smaller spaces like a home.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best autonomous drones for security purposes. Naturally, given their top specs, it is tough to choose a single product as the best, and user experience and specific requirements would decide that. But this list may serve as a starting point from where you can narrow down your search for an autonomous security surveillance drone.
  1. Nightingale Security

Nightingale Security offers autonomous drones that can operate in verticals like oil and gas, critical infrastructure, data centers, corporate facilities, power plants, manufacturing facilities, border patrol, search, and rescue, amongst others.

Nightingale makes use of edge computing, which means all the data collected by the drone is secured behind a firewall. This is a critical aspect, as cloud-based storage solutions may be more vulnerable to hacking attempts. And when you are protecting something like critical infrastructure, you don’t want your data in the wrong hands.
  1. Airobotics

This Israel-based company has come up with a fully automated, industrial grade, on-demand and multi-purpose drone solution that can work in complex conditions.

Incidentally, Airobotics was the first company to get a legal license to fly automated drones for commercial purposes. Speaking to then, the company had mentioned that what makes them unique is the end-to-end solution they provide, from take-off, on-air operation, and landing.
  1. Azur Drones

Based in France, Azur Drones was founded in 2012 as a drone operating company, according to information on its site. It pioneered the French professional drone market. The year after, the company took part in the creation of the Professional Federation of Civilian Drone (French FPDC).

In 2019, the company procured approval to operate in private areas beyond visual line of sight under the supervision of a remote operator. And regarding its technology, Azur Drones explains that they achieve autonomous drone operation through a combination of robotization, artificial intelligence, embedded electronics, and latest generation sensors.
  1. Sunflower Labs

While most autonomous security drones in the market are built for large industrial areas, Sunflower Labs targets the residential segment with solutions that can secure homes. The company was first known for its garden lamps cum sensors that could detect unwanted activity in your private property, but what is now more attractive is an autonomous drone that can fly around your compound providing video surveillance service.

But, if you are planning to get your hands on one of these, you might have to wait a bit, as the company’s website says they have not decided on when the product will begin to ship. There is no clarity on the cost as well, but high-end residences are probably the initial target market.   

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  1. Easy Aerial

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Easy Aerial specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and software integration of the rugged and fully autonomous aerial monitoring solutions of multi-purpose drones for constant and on-demand surveillance.

Termed the “Smart Aerial Monitoring System”, Easy Aerial’s offerings include a Falcon Drone that can carry payloads and fly up to 50 minutes, a ground station that enables charging, and proprietary fleet management and communication software.  
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