Experience total wireless freedom with Eve Extend

Experience total wireless freedom with Eve Extend
Eve Systems announced Eve Extend, a Bluetooth range extender for Eve accessories with Apple HomeKit technology. Eve Extend connects to Eve accessories beyond the Bluetooth range of the iPhone or HomeKit home hub and makes them available across the Wi-Fi network. Whether checking basement humidity levels or activating a garden sprinkler, Eve Extend will put every Eve accessory within reach.

Featuring support for up to eight accessories, and 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi networks, Eve Extend will be available for preorder from the Eve Store starting August, at a price of 49,95 Euro.

Set up with absolute ease

Eve Extend can be positioned in any spot within the Wi-Fi network. Once it’s connected to a power outlet, it is ready to be added to HomeKit, using the iPhone camera and the HomeKit setup code. The Eve app lists Bluetooth accessories that are in range, assigns up to eight of them to Eve Extend, and migrates all metadata to make sure that all Siri names, scenes and automations remain functional. In order to extend the range of more than eight accessories, multiple Eve Extend can operate on the same network.


Eve accessories are designed to safeguard personal data. Full local access means they work seamlessly without a cloud or any registration. All collected data is fully encrypted, stored locally and never analyzed, sold or used for advertising purposes. With Eve, private data stays private. Even when accessing the home remotely.

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