Surveon POS solution enhances partners business profits

Surveon POS solution enhances partners business profits
Intelligent Retail is a real buzz word at the moment. The video enabling transaction plays a key role in intelligent retail surveillance. Surveon Technology, the end-to-end video surveillance solutions provider, today introduced Surveon POS Solution which can extract transactional data from point-of-sale (POS) system and pair the data with video from the time of the transaction, supporting partners to investigate criminal behaviors such as stealing money, address product shrinkage, record shipments and track parcels, enhancing their business profits.

Easy Clarification for Transaction Errors 

Surveon POS Solution provides partners transaction data with surveillance video to clarify the responsibility when transaction errors happened, supporting 1/2/4/6 transactions live view and 1/2/4 transactions playback on the same screen.

Quick Monitoring with Multiple Filters

Finding the useful information from thousands of transaction data is waste of time, especially for chain stores. Surveon POS Solution allows partners to set the filters through control buttons to get valuable part information of transactions, enhancing their working efficiency.

Saving Time with Log Search

To search a specific transaction in thousands of data, Surveon POS Solution provides log search function. Just enter the time, camera and keyword in VMS, the system will find the transaction and its corresponding video for partners, helping them to save lots of time.

Flexible Management with Multiple Architectures

Surveon POS Solution supports multiple architectures and local/remote monitoring for single store or retail chain operation, providing partners a flexible and scalable option to manage their system. Besides, Surveon product line, including camera, NVR and VMS, is compatible with major 3rd party POS systems, saving partners' time and efforts to integrate the system.

Surveon POS Solution initial shipment is scheduled at the end of November.

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