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Surveon Failover Solution keeps hospital surveillance intact

Surveon Failover Solution keeps hospital surveillance intact
To protect hospital staff, patients, visitors as well as assets in many areas, the security in and around hospitals is always a major concern in terms of surveillance operation.
To protect hospital staff, patients, visitors as well as assets in many areas, the security in and around hospitals is always a major concern in terms of surveillance operation. Through Surveon’ s end-to-end solutions, including high-resolution cameras and enterprise hardware RAID megapixel recorders, hospital can easily track every corner at any time to ensure the safety of this medical environment.


Combined with 10 municipal hospitals in Taipei, Taipei City Hospital is the largest medical organization in Northern Taiwan, aiming to rebuild public health system and provide full services for people in needs for healthcare. Due to the open nature of these institutions and the sensitivity of hospital operations, Taipei City Hospital needs to upgrade their surveillance system to monitor every corner with improved images while being cost- saving.


As people visiting the hospital are often with either illness or gloomy mood, the conflicts between patients and hospital staff are inevitable. However, incidents like patient fights or disputes among the staff, patients and their families could be much worse in the emergency room. To solve the issues, it needs to have the police involved and the evidences like videos to assist the investigation. Taipei City Hospital used to deploy traditional CCTV that fails to provide images in high resolution, not to mention long-time recording due to the lack of storage capacity. In order to protect the reputation and staff of the hospital, the hospital needs to seek a better surveillance system to provide clear videos as the evidence when conflicts happen.


Unique Failover solution 

In general Failover functions, 1 or more Failover NVRs can be backup for many protected NVRs, but Failover NVR can be used for Failover purpose only. Different from others, Surveon’s Failover solutions support mutual failover (1-on-1 or multiple to multiple) among NVRs.

Surveon provides 2 operation modes

In this case, Surveon provides Failover solution with unique peer mode that supports mutual failover between two NVR3308. Under normal condition, the NVRs will record to their own internal storage. When one of NVRs fails, the other NVR will take over recording and save the failed NVR’s videos to its internal storage. For project with limited budget, this failover working model provides the best alternative allowing the system to record continuously for long time without missing a moment.

Enterprise hardware RAID megapixel recorders 

Supporting up to 64-channel 5 megapixel recording, Surveon NVR3308 with hardware RAID was chosen for its overall system reliability and stability. The large capacity with storage expansion to iSCSI is an ideal option to meet hospital’s demand on 24/7 non-stop megapixel recording and longer video retention period. 

Surveon high-resolution cameras 

Intellize, Surveon’s main partner in Taiwan, adopted two models of cameras with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolutions to monitor the emergency room area. The compact dome camera CAM1320S2 comes with 2-axis support, providing a wider coverage while not being too obtrusive for the patients thanks for its compact size. The indoor dome CAM4311S2 with audio in/out with phone jacks supports hospital to record and effectively manage the conflicts or disputes occurred in the emergency room. Both models provide 2D/3D noise reduction to ensure clear images under different lighting circumstances.


High image quality and reliability 

Surveon cameras provide excellent megapixel image quality with lowest RMA rate allowing hospitals to recognize crucial details and provide the powerful evidence to the police units when necessary. Moreover, Surveon CAM4311S2 comes with the Power over Ethernet and 3-axis adjustment, offering a flexible option to hardware installation.

Stable performance under high I/O operations 

The embedded hardware RAID accelerator in Surveon NVR3308 ensures that the cameras have access to the required bandwidth when recording images, reducing the instability often seen when systems are conducting high I/O operations for extended periods of time.

180-day non-stopping recording 

NVR3308 provides large capacities for 180-day non-stopping recording and RAID function for zero video loss. Paired with Surveon’s scalable enterprise VMS, the solution not only improves safety and security, but provides robust prevention, preparedness, and quick response measures for the hospital. With its real-time video analytics engine of the NVR3308, the hospital has also been able to upgrade from a traditional analog surveillance management model to an active model featuring intelligent detection such as forbidden area detection for patient rooms, supply rooms and so on.

Cost-effective data protection 

Without having to set aside spare NVR or failover licenses, Surveon Failover solutions allow the license of camera to be shared with the Failover ones, making it the best C/P solution for large applications

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