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Surveon secured server room for Internet Service Provider

Surveon secured server room for Internet Service Provider
Along with the development of network technology and the increased demands for data storage and management from SMB segment or even large organizations, Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers not only standard services like Internet access nowadays, but also services like web site building, virtual hosting or cloud service. Equipped with advanced facilities, these ISPs have to ensure their server room is under stringent surveillance control and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. With Surveon’ s comprehensive surveillance solutions, including high-resolution cameras and reliable network video recorders with Failover function, customers’ data will be under solid protection and the services can be delivered with efficiency.


From traditional Internet access to cloud service, this ISP is one of the major service providers with large customer base in Taiwan. As their service scope evolves with the technical trend, the importance of the security for server room has also arisen accordingly. As the existing surveillance system has difficulties meeting the demand for 6-month recording without video loss, the company must upgrade the system with storage capacities while enhancing the level of data protection.


To fulfill around-the-clock monitoring with clear image, the ISP needed a system that is reliable, easily expandable and large enough to store at least 6 months of recorded footage. Besides, in order to avoid the loss of videos from surveillance system, the data protection of recorded video in case of unexpected incidents is particularly important to its planning and acceptance.


Exclusive failover solution

Surveon provides three operation modes. When using internal storage, different from others’ Failover NVR can be used for Failover purpose only, Surveon peer mode supports mutual failover (1-on-1 or multiple to multiple) among NVRs. When using external storage, the protected NVR’s video will be saved to the same storage where it is recorded when it fails, even the recording is taken over by Failover NVR. Under this collaborative mode, both these two NVRs serve as Failover NVR for each other. Surveon dedicated mode supports the Failover NVR to share the same file space as protected NVR, whether Failover NVR is working or not, the protected NVR’s video will be recorded and saved to the same location once it’s taken over by Failover NVR, giving ISP one more option to protect their data.

In this case, the protected NVR is recording to iSCSI storage under normal condition. When the protected NVR fails, the Failover NVR with 3 hard disks and RAID 5 data protection will record for the protected NVR and save the videos to its internal storage, giving MIS enough time to resolve the problems occurred.


RAID megapixel recorders supporting 64-channel recording, two Surveon NVR3308 were chosen in this application; one worked as a standard protected NVR for recording purpose while the other served simply as Failover NVR. With iSCSI storage, the protected NVR provided large capacities for 24/7 non-stop megapixel recording and 6-month video retention period. 

High-resolution cameras 

As server room is filled with server cabinets by aisles and low light condition often time, it needed cameras with varifocal lens and particular sensor to provide excellent image quality. Surveon adopted 32 2MP bullet camera CAM3371EV, equipping with SONY Exmor sensor to provide clear images even under complex light conditions and monitor not only the inside of the room, but also the exit as well as the surroundings to make sure every spot is monitored with attention.


Superior image quality and reliability 

Surveon cameras provide superior image quality with SONY Exmor sensor, allowing the security guards to recognize crucial details under low light condition. All of Surveon cameras are with industrial-grade components and the product quality can be proved by its extremely low RMA rate, giving the customer a more reliable solution.


Recording for 6 months Surveon NVR3308 with iSCSI storage allows 6-month recorded videos to retain. Besides, thanks to its all in-one sleek design and low power consumption,  the NVR3308 provides a simple, affordable yet professional solution for this case.

Trustworthy data protection 

When protected NVR is detected as no responding or working for certain time, the system will ask the Failover NVR to import protected NVR’s configuration and take over to record for it automatically. In this way, the ISP company doesn’t have to worry about any frame drop during the NVR failed. In addition, Surveon Failover solutions allow the license of camera to be shared with the Failover ones, making it the best C/P solution for most applications.

“Surveon provides not only cost-efficient but also comprehensive solutions for the ISP and enhances the whole security system with high-reliability products. I’m sure we will keep working with Surveon in future projects.‘’ said Surveon’s partner in Taiwan.

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