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WorthCloud’s AIoT innovations enhance product value

WorthCloud’s AIoT innovations enhance product value
a&s spoke to Xu Ming, VP of Wanjiaan Interconnected Technology and CEO of WorthCloud Technology, about how the company is increasing its global presence through new business models and top-notch technologies that adds value to its product offerings and solutions.

Specialized in video streaming and IoT technology, WorthCloud Technology focuses on developing its cloud platform, applications and hardware to offer the market a one-stop professional service that includes data collection, transmission, storage and intelligent analysis.

WorthCloud has been making great advancements in facial recognition, cloud storage and AI technology. In 2018, it launched a cloud platform that is capable of providing end-to-end video connectivity, all-round cloud services, and diversified solutions for different industries. Relying on its three core systems — cloud connectivity, storage and AI, WorthCloud is making it simple for third-party hardware manufacturers to access its cloud platform, which is equipped with multiple IoT modules and protocols like MQTT and LORA technology, supporting smart cameras, locks and gateways, face recognition and baby crying detection.

Three pillars of innovations

Xu Ming, VP of Wanjiaan Interconnected Technology and CEO of WorthCloud Technology
Xu Ming, VP of
Wanjiaan Interconnected Technology
and CEO of WorthCloud Technology
The WorthCloud's cloud platform is being powered by three innovative technologies — facial recognition, cloud storage and AI.

Face recognition

Based on the training of the deep neural network and visual perception skills, which can be applied to face detection, tracking, recognition and comparison, the embedded AI algorithm of WorthCloud is becoming more and more sophisticated.

Cloud storage

Cybersecurity is an important factor that might hinder the adoption of cloud or IoT technology.

WorthCloud is striving to create a cloud storage platform with financial-grade security to ensure the completeness of mass data, the performance of cloud storage and video playback. Furthermore, with dynamic encryption technology and data backup in multiple data centers, WorthCloud can free users from worrying about data loss or safety. Additionally, users are also allowed to customize their own playback strategy.


As an unstoppable trend, AI is increasingly used in lots of industries. As there are mass data generated everyday which requires rapid processing, security companies also need to pay close attention to it and invest much in AI.

The WoAI cloud of WorthCloud can quickly process face verification and instantly react when anything abnormal is detected by its AI standard interface and face recognition technology that works in the dark. 

Smart home and commercial businesses

Over the past two years, the company has been on the course of developing cloud video and IoT, and its cloud and AI technology are widely used in different application scenarios. Great effort has also been made to develop cloud storage and smart devices.

Smart home and commercial business intelligence are the two major fields that the company is focusing on. As for the former, WorthCloud has established a long-term cooperation relationship with Tencent and integrated with its voice assistant Xiao Wei. Investment will also be increased in the development of smart devices, such as smart locks, cameras, speakers and so on which are going to be launched in the near future, creating a thoroughly smart home application for end users. For the latter, WorthCloud has opened up its intelligent interface, enabling domestic companies that are specialized in algorithms, like TUPU, to become its strategic partners. The fields of smart store, school and community have been highlighted in the strategic blueprint of the company, and smart devices and cloud system would be utilized to manage them by AI data analysis.

Market strategies

At present, cloud services for smart home products cover more than 80 countries and various regions in the world. Serving thousands of companies around the world with nearly 10 million consumers, WorthCloud has a strong customer base spanning from Southeast Asia to Europe and America. 

What WorthCloud is exploring are new markets and multichannel marketing methods that will boost rapid development of the business and help it avoid the development limitations of a single-channel approach. WorthCloud has customized powerful private clouds for the top three VIP customers in North America and Southeast Asia. After this system was established, not only did the sales in the region increase by ten times, but this marketing method could also be expanded to other countries. In the future, the company’s offerings will not be limited to hardware and cloud platform service, WorthCloud can also provide entertainment and teaching content for customers, which can lead to greater growth in the future.

The server cluster has been deployed in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and other regions, and is seamlessly compatible with Amazon, Alibaba and other mainstream IoT platforms to meet the requirements of different customers accessing multiple platforms at the same time. WorthCloud is flexible and compatible with a variety of common transport protocols, standard protocols and service modules. It can also quickly complete high-level concurrent processing such as device connection management, data computing and storage.

Security companies are primarily working on developing comprehensive IoT service, intelligent solutions and smart devices to suit different scenarios, and WorthCloud said they are moving in that same direction. Advanced AI, IoT, big data and other technologies shall be applied to products in the security industry, making them a truly powerful and intelligent security tool. In addition to security monitoring, their solutions can be also used to provide family care services and other value-added services. The company thinks the core value of those technologies lies not just in enhancing product features, but also in satisfying user needs. In the future, WorthCloud plans to not just sell hardware and cloud platform services, but also provide content services like entertainment and teaching content to its customers.

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