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Zeno Technology expands from video surveillance to IoT

Zeno Technology expands from video surveillance to IoT
Zeno Technology is a leading Chinese video surveillance manufacturer that has demonstrated its technological innovation capabilities in its many award-winning products. The company has now expanded to offer IoT business solutions for new growth opportunities.

Zeno Technology currently offers more than 300 types of high-quality video surveillance products featuring top-notch technologies such as face recognition, license plate recognition and behavior identification. Its award-winning products include its hybrid HD intelligent early warning system, IP cameras with face detection and NVRs with face recognition. The company’s intelligent early warning ATM system has been widely adopted by banks in China.

Backed by its success in product manufacturing, the company has since turned its eye toward developing solutions for security and business efficiency. Jun Luo, Director and VP of Zeno Technology, said, “Zeno Technology is focused on key verticals that have special requirements in advanced video analytics and networking technologies, such as banking, smart buildings, construction sites and utilities.”

Advanced video analytics for ATMs

Jun Luo, Director and VP, Zeno Technology
Jun Luo, Director and VP,
Zeno Technology
A standout in the company’s portfolio, Zeno’s ATM video surveillance solution has helped the company build credibility and a name for itself in the industry. Using smart 3D IP cameras and NVRs with face detection and advanced behavior analysis algorithms, the ATM solution offers banks intelligent early warning and analytics systems.

Luo said, “The smart 3D security cameras are used to detect crimes by detecting multiple faces and abnormalities. When the camera detects abnormal facial traits or abnormal behavior like people falling, fighting, tailgating, loitering or high crowd density, it will notify the security guard or manager.”

In addition, the smart camera supports high face detection accuracy up to 99.5 percent and low-light detection. It can overlay information related to money counting or card-related information on the captured images of people at the counters, and this can be used to prevent disputes, said Luo. 

Smart building energy management

Seeing the rise of smart buildings in China, the company has developed a smart IoT platform for monitoring energy consumption and security in smart buildings and construction sites using the Alibaba Cloud IoT platform.

According to Luo, smart facial recognition cameras can be installed to secure the entrances of smart buildings. The IoT platform can detect temperature and humidity in the building as well as smoke, PM2.5 and hazardous conditions. Building managers can analyze the data and get insights on how to optimize security, property management, access control, attendance, environmental control and energy management.

Construction site management

Along with the rise of smart buildings, the Chinese government have started to implement standard protocols to manage construction workers and ensure their safety. Cameras have become popular additions to construction sites to ensure physical safety as well as access control.

Luo said, “Zeno provides AI cameras with facial recognition capabilities that can identify workers, providing the first layer of security. Aside from this, the company can employ drones to fly around the site and detect intruders and abnormalities, ensuring a secure and safe working environment. The information can be sent to the server via 4G network connectivity for high-speed data transfer. The solution enables real-time remote control and management, saving on both manpower and costs.”

Home security systems

In addition to developing IoT solutions for businesses, the company has also expanded its sales business to the DIY retail market in recent years. The company currently offers end consumers a Wi-Fi camera kit that supports P2P technology, cloud storage and an SDK interface. It can be employed in education, home, retail and catering markets like in restaurants. Foreseeing an even brighter future in this market, Zeno has also released smart home systems that support voice recognition, doorbell and cameras.

Staying focused

The global video surveillance market has become very competitive, with the OEM and ODM businesses dominated by a few large-sized Chinese companies. Zeno is striving to differentiate itself from other competitors in the market by developing unique solutions for security and IoT.

According to Luo, most IoT solution providers find it hard to develop video surveillance solutions. In the same way, many companies specializing in video surveillance are not familiar with IoT technologies like sensing technology. This creates a technological threshold for security companies, like Zeno, when developing IoT solutions.

The need for traditional surveillance companies to transform themselves from being mere hardware providers to solution providers is an unstoppable trend, especially in the IoT area. Zeno believes that they can stay ahead of the industry curve through continuous innovations in video and business applications using AI and cloud technologies.

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