Mivatek: B2B model ready with LTE-based platform

Mivatek: B2B model ready with LTE-based platform
A spin-off from Oplink Connected in May 2015, MivaTek is a turnkey collaborative, protection, and control company that offers home security systems in a consumer brand called Home8 TM. Its user-based subscription is growing at a steady pace. With over 22,000 active users worldwide – of which 50 percent of its coverage is based in North America, 25 percent in Europe, and the remaining in Asia – MivaTek is looking to further expand its portfolio through its C2Protect brand, which targets the reseller / installer market in both the CEDIA and security sales channel. 

In addition to both the Home8 and C2Protect brands, MivaTek’s business further targets service providers and enterprises, including OEM/ODMs by providing turnkey solutions and private-label manufacturing services.
“Besides the consumer-based and reseller/installer markets, we are also interested in deploying turnkey solutions for telecom/mobile carriers and MSOs (multi-service operators),” Daniel Wong, Worldwide VP of Sales, Marketing, & PLM of Mivatek, said, adding that the MivaTek platform can be an ideal solution for these large enterprise players to quickly get to market. 

According to Wong, MivaTek is vying to introduce an LTE-based platform for its MivaTek Home Security System in the second half of this year. The plan, Wong said, has been initiated because the increasing number of the world’s online users are surfing the Internet through Wi-Fi hotspots rather than conventional fixed lines. “What makes an LTE platform great is that it could also serve to accommodate smart home security and home automation other than simply staying connected.”

Coined “Smart SIM,” this new-fangled technology is currently an ongoing development which would greatly transform the future of mobile connectivity for the vast expansion of the IoT. Given that current IoT deployments are fundamentally different than roaming smartphones, existing SIMs and connectivity services are unfortunately not optimized for machine or IoT use cases. However, the up-and-coming Smart SIM technology and connectivity service will greatly help improve performance and reduce the cost of operating IoT applications.

MivaTek’s up-and-coming LTE platform will offer comprehensive video protection and control platform for people, property, and assets, Wong explained.

“The beauty of MivaTek’s LTEPro will complement carriers’ data plans because it is an LTE-based video protection and control platform. And carriers have the flexibility to set their feasible package plans for their subscribers,” he said.

According to MivaTek CEO Joe Liu, there are three major benefits to carriers. The zero pairing feature allows them or system integrators to lower their business cost as the system installation can be completed in minutes. “The triple-protection feature of our Security Shuttle and cloud platform can facilitate carriers from sourcing additional data-security solutions when launching smart home services to their subscribers. Moreover, the video-sensor integration, in-view direct dialing polices, and all-in-one app capability give carriers hassle-free integration with their existing cloud management platforms.” 

Commenting on his views about the smart home market for 2016, Liu said creating a great user experience is equally important to a magic price point. Part of that great user experience comes from easy device pairing, simple device installation, and ease of use. “We try to simplify our systems and make them more affordable for the masses. Ease of installation is essential to drive success,” he concluded.

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