Nuimo Click can control Philips Hue and Sonos speakers

Nuimo Click can control Philips Hue and Sonos speakers
Nuimo, a smart home brand created by a German startup Senic, has announced a new smart control device called the Nuimo Click, which can control Philips Hue smart lights and Sonos speakers.
The Nuimo Click is a wall-mounted wireless device. It generates energy itself each time users click on the buttons, saving the need to install batteries or to charge the device.
The design is simple - four buttons in two rows. When paired with Philips Hue lights, the upper left button turns lights on and off, while the upper right button switch between favorite light scenes, and the lower two buttons adjust brightness.
When paired with the Sonos speakers, the lower two buttons are for adjusting volume, the upper left button is for play/pause, and the upper right is for favorite playlist selection.
Senic is known for its intuitive and simple design. The company’s first product Nuimo, launched in 2015, is a smart home controller with outer dial design, which lets homeowners control over 30 smart home devices via four gestures - click, turn, swipe and fly. The device aims to cut down the many control means from different home gadgets for users.
The company launched its second product COVI, an intelligent light with built-in speech interface, and updated the NUIMO with a Hub in 2017. It has raised US$4 million at a seed funding round to further develop its control system in March 2018.
The Nuimo Click requires a Nuimo hub to connect the device with Philips Hue or Sonos speakers. For homeowners who have the Hue Tap, they don’t need the hub to make it work.

At US$229, a starter kit includes two Nuimo Click devices and a Nuimo hub. It will be available in December.

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