New Flic smart button gets easier, targeting one single task

New Flic smart button gets easier, targeting one single task
Wireless bluetooth smart button, Flic, is expecting its second-generation product that wants to be much easier to use.

The first version of Flic enables the button to be programmed in order to accomplish multiple tasks, including controlling smart lightings, playing music from Spotify or toggling sonos devices. Users can set up different functions on the Flic button through a smartphone app developed by Flic. Commands for various functions take place depending on the user’s finger – one click, double clicks or hold the button.

The second version, however, is designed to complete one single task with one button. For example, the white Flic button helps you to sound an alarm as your phone is missing and the green Flic one installed in the car can send notifications to your list of contacts to tell them you have arrived home safely.

Flic’s smart button supports IFTTT connection standard. It has partnered with Sonos, Logitech, Spotify, LIFX and Philips Hue to let users command their devices via Flic buttons.

Shortcut Labs, the company behind Flic, also provides an open API for iOS and Android developers to create more new functions supporting Flic so that users can control more apps via their Flic buttons. For example, users can order pizzas, call a taxi ride or take a selfie by clicking the wireless button.

Shortcut Labs first launched Flic at crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The project set a goal of $80,000, and successfully closed the campaign with 13,803 backers and a $959,527 USD funding.

The smart button was shown at CES 2016 and is now available at retail stores with a $35 price tag.

According to Shortcut Labs, the battery of its first generation Flic lasts 18 months of use and can be replaced. The second generation has increased its battery life to three years, but the battery is not replaceable.

The new version of Flic is expected to start shipping in early November. Consumers can buy them at retail stores such as Best Buy with $20 unit price.

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